Early Suffield Families - Every Name List

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Abbott, Mehetable, Towe
Acley, Deborah, Sike
Adams, Abigail, Gran, Sike, Smit
Adams, Abraham, Kent, Nort
Adams, Agnes, Aust
Adams, Anna, Aust, Kent, RoeH, Winc
Adams, Asahel, Alle
Adams, Daniel, Alle, King, Lane
Adams, Dorothy, Alle, Aust
Adams, Eliphalet, Kent
Adams, Elizabeth, Lane, Warn
Adams, Ezekiel, Kent
Adams, Freegrace, Kent, King
Adams Jr., Freegrace, Kent
Adams, Gideon, Hanc, Lane
Adams, Jacob, Aust, Harm, Lane, Nort, RoeH, Sike, Warn, Winc
Adams, Jemima, Kent
Adams, Joanna, Aust, Burb, Gran, Hanc, Nort, OldH, RoeH, Sike, TayS
Adams, Joel, RoeH
Adams, John, Remi, RoeH, Sike, TayJ, Winc
Adams, Jonathan, Alle, Harm, Sike
Adams, Joseph, Gran, Harm, Nort
Adams, Juliana, Kent
Adams, Louisa, Kent
Adams, Lovisa, Kent, King
Adams, Lucy, Gran, RoeH, Sike
Adams, Mary, Lane, Nort, Sike
Adams, Moses, Hanc, Kent, Risi, RoeH, Sike
Adams, Mournful, Nort
Adams, Rachel, Lane, Sike
Adams, Rebecca, Harm, Remi
Adams, Robert, Gran
Adams, Seth, Sike
Adams, Silence, Nort
Adams, Simeon, RoeH
Adams, Stephen, Alle, Lane
Adams, Susanna, Alle
Adams, Temperance, Kent
Adams, Thaddeus, Sike
Adams, Tryphena, Sike
Adams, Zebulon, Alle, King, Lane
Adams Jr., Zebulon, Alle
Alexander, Elias, Harm
Allen, Aaron, Alle, Towe
Allen, Abigail, Alle, Aust, Harm, Palm, Sike
Allen, Admira, Alle
Allen, Adoniram, Alle
Allen, Alexander, Alle, Risi
Allen, Anna, Alle, Aust, Harm, Lane, Nort, Risi, RoeH, Warn, Winc
Allen, Asenah, Alle
Allen, Benjamin, Alle, Aust, Harm
Allen, Benjamin Jaques, Alle
Allen, Benjamin, Kent, Prit, Towe
Allen, Caleb, Alle, Risi
Allen, Chester, Alle
Allen Jr., Chester, Alle
Allen, Chole, Aust, Burb
Allen, David, Alle, Towe
Allen, Desire, Alle
Allen, Ebenezer, Alle, Gran, Harm, Prit, Risi, Towe
Allen, Edward, Alle, Kent, Palm, Prit, Towe
Allen, Eli, Alle
Allen, Elizabeth, Alle, Gran, Harm, Lane, Prit, TayS
Allen, Ellenor, Alle, TayS
Allen, Ephramim, Alle
Allen, Esther, Alle, Kent
Allen, Ethan, Alle
Allen, Eunice, Alle, Harm, Sike
Allen, Ezekiel, Alle
Allen, Gad, Alle
Allen, Gaius, Alle, Kent
Allen, Gersham, Alle
Allen, Gideon, Alle
Allen, Giles, Alle
Allen, Grace, Alle, Kent
Allen, Hannah, Alle, Risi
Allen, Hephaibah, Alle
Allen, Horace, Alle
Allen, Hulda, Risi, Sike
Allen, Huldah, Alle, Harm
Allen, Israel, Alle
Allen, Jaquish, Alle
Allen, Joanna, Alle, TayS
Allen, Job, Alle
Allen, John, Alle, Gran, Prit
Allen, Jonah, Alle
Allen, Jonathan, Alle, Towe
Allen, Joseph, Alle, Prit
Allen, Justus, Alle
Allen, Kerin, Alle, TayS
Allen, Kezin, Alle, TayS
Allen, Levi, Alle
Allen, Lidia, Alle
Allen, Loyal Worthington, Alle
Allen, Margaret, Alle
Allen, Martha, Alle, Kent
Allen, Martin, Alle
Allen, Mary, Alle, Risi
Allen, Mercy, Alle, Gran, Risi, Towe
Allen, Miriam, Alle, TayS
Allen, Moses, Alle, Towe
Allen, Olive, Alle
Allen, Penelope, Alle
Allen, Rebeckah, Alle
Allen, Reuben, Alle, Gran, Kent, Lane, Remi
Allen Jr., Reuben, Alle, Kent
Allen, Richard, Alle, Prit
Allen, Ruth, Alle, Gran
Allen, Sally, Alle
Allen, Samuel, Alle, Harm
Allen, Sarah, Alle, Prit, Risi, TayS, Towe
Allen, Simeon, Alle
Allen, Susannah, Alle, Gran, Lane
Allen, Tabitha, Alle
Allen, Tamar, Alle
Allen, Thomas, Alle
Allen, Tryphena, Alle, Risi
Allen, William, Alle, Gran, TayS
Allen, Zilpah, Alle
Allis, Ann, Burb
Andrews, Esther, TayS
Andrews, James, Aust, Risi
Archer, Thomas, OldR
Ashfield, John, Kent
Atchinson, Elizabeth, OldR
Austin, Aaron, Aust, Risi
Austin, Abiah, Aust
Austin, Abigail, Alle, Aust, Hale, Smit
Austin, Agnes, Aust, King, Nort, Sike
Austin, Andrew D., Aust
Austin, Ann, Aust, King
Austin, Annie, Aust, Risi
Austin, Anthony, Aust, Gran, Harm, Huxl, Kent, King, Smit
Austin, Apollos, Aust
Austin, Augustine, Aust, King
Austin, Benajah, Aust, Kent
Austin, Benjamin, Alle, Aust
Austin, Bethia, Aust, King
Austin, Bethian, Aust, King
Austin, Caleb, Aust
Austin, Calvin, Kent
Austin, Candace, Aust
Austin, Caroline, Alle, Aust, Harm
Austin, Cyrus, Aust
Austin, Dan, Aust, Hale
Austin, Daniel, Aust, RoeH
Austin, David, Aust, Harm
Austin, Deborah, Aust, Kent
Austin, Diadama, Aust
Austin, Dorothy, Aust, King
Austin, Drusilla, Aust
Austin, Ebenezer, Aust
Austin, Elias, Aust
Austin, Elijah, Aust
Austin, Eliphalet, Aust, Aust
Austin, Elizabeth, Hale, King
Austin, Esther, Aust, Harm, Nort
Austin, Eusebeus, Aust
Austin, Experience, Aust
Austin, Gad, Aust
Austin, Gustavus, Aust
Austin, Hannah, Aust, Hale, Kent
Austin, Hulda, Kent
Austin, Jacob, Aust
Austin, James, Aust, King
Austin, Jerusha, Aust, King
Austin, Jessie, Aust
Austin, Joab, Aust
Austin, Joel, Aust, Hale, Risi
Austin, John, Aust, Gran, Harm, King, Nort
Austin, Joseph, Alle, Aust, Harm
Austin, Joshua, Aust, Kent, Aust
Austin, Judah, Aust
Austin, Laurena, Alle, Aust
Austin, Levi, Aust
Austin, Linus, Aust
Austin, Lucretia, Aust, Burb, RoeH
Austin, Lucy, Alle, Aust, Risi
Austin, Lydia, Aust
Austin, Mabel, Aust, Nort
Austin, Margaret, Aust, King
Austin, Mariam, Aust
Austin, Mary, Aust, Hale, Harm, King
Austin, Miriam, Aust
Austin, Moses, Aust, Risi
Austin, Nathaniel, Aust, Burb
Austin, Nathaniel, Hale, Risi, Sike
Austin, Olive, Alle, Aust
Austin, Paulina, Aust
Austin, Phebe, Aust, Palm
Austin, Pheonix, Aust
Austin, Phineas, Aust
Austin, Phoebe, Risi
Austin, Priscilla, Aust
Austin, Prudence, Aust, Remi
Austin, Rachel, Aust, Burb, Gran
Austin, Ralph, Aust
Austin, Rebecca, Aust, King
Austin, Rhoda, Aust
Austin, Richard, Alle, Aust, Burb
Austin, Roswell, Aust
Austin, Rufus, Aust, King
Austin, Ruth, Alle, Aust
Austin, Sabrin, Aust
Austin, Sallena, Aust
Austin, Samuel, Aust, Hale, Risi
Austin, Sarah, Aust, Hale, Kent
Austin, Serinis, Aust
Austin, Seth, Aust, Hale
Austin, Seth King, Aust
Austin, Shadrack, Aust
Austin, Susannah, Aust
Austin, Tahpanas, Aust
Austin, Tahpanes, Aust
Austin, Thankful, Aust
Austin, Theophilos, Aust
Austin, Thomas, Aust, Hale, Risi, Sike
Austin, Tryphena, Alle, Aust
Austin, Uriah, Aust, Kent
Austin, William, Aust, King, Risi
Austin, William S., Aust
Austin, Zephenias, Aust, King
Bacon, Anna, Sike
Bacon, Nathaniel, TayS
Bagg, Bathsheba, Kent
Bagg, James, Kent
Bagg, Mercy, Remi
Ball, Abigail, Alle
Ball, Esther, Aust, Smit
Ball, Joseph, Smit
Ball, Lucy, Alle
Ball, Moses, King
Ball, Tabitha, Gran
Ballantine, Lydia, King
Bancroft, Jane, Hale, Nort
Bancroft, Rebecca, Kent, RoeH
Bancroft, Ruth, TayS
Bancroft, William, Alle, Towe
Barber, Hannah, Aust, Hale, Harm, Smit
Barber, Joanna, Lane, Smit
Barber, John, Harm, Huxl, Smit
Barber Jr., John, Hale
Barber, Mary, RoeH
Barber, Mercy, Aust, Huxl
Barber, Mercy, Nort
Barber, Sarah, Hale, Harm, Remi, Risi
Barber, Thomas, Hale, Nort
Barker, Anne, RoeH
Barker, Jemima, Aust, Copl, Hale, Hanc, Mars, Sike
Barker, Oliver, Copl, Remi, Sike
Barker, Ruth, Kent, OldR
Barlow, Anne, Harm, RoeH
Barlow, Deborah, Aust, Harm
Barlow, Ebenezer, Harm
Barlow, Edmond, Harm, Huxl
Barlow, Elizabeth, Harm
Barlow, James, Harm, Huxl, Remi, RoeH
Barlow, Mary, Harm
Barlow, Nathan, Harm
Barlow, Sarah, Hale, Harm, Remi
Bartlet, Mary, Nort
Bartlett, Abiah, Wool
Bartlett, Abigail, Hanc
Bartlett, Editha, Warn
Bartlett, Hepzibah, Alle
Barton, Roger, Nort, Sike
Batt, Sarah, Warn
Baxter, Abigail, Sike
Beamon, Ruth, Hall
Bearding, Sarah, Huxl
Beckwith, Griswold, Hale
Bedlake, Bethia, King
Bedortha, Sarah, Kent
Beebe, Ephraim, Kent
Bell, Jerusha, Aust
Bellamy, Abner, Remi
Bellany, Rev. Joseph, Burb
Bement, Edmund, Risi
Bement, Sarah, Hale
Bement, William, Hale
Bemient, Hannah, King
Benedict, Abigail, Aust, Hale
Benit, Anna, Aust
Benton, Anna, Sike, Towe
Biglow, Janet, Towe
Billard, Betsey, Harm, Lane
Bingham, Eunice, Sike
Bishop, Peter, Lane, Remi
Bissell, Ann, Gran, Hanc
Bissell, Isaac, Kent
Bissell, Mary, Kent
Blackman, Sarah, Palm
Bliss, Abigail, King
Bliss, Adiel, Hale
Bliss, Anna, King
Bliss, Calvin, Hale
Bliss, Miriam, Hale
Bliss, Pelatiah, King
Bliss Jr., Pelatiah, King
Bliss, Sarah, Remi
Bliss, Thomas, Hale
Bodurtha, Abigail, Copl, Remi, Risi
Bodurtha, Benjamin, Remi, Risi
Bodurtha, Hannah, Remi, Risi
Bodurtha, John, Risi
Bodurtha, Jonathan, Remi
Bodurtha, Joseph, Remi
Bodurtha, Mary, Copl, Remi, Sike
Bodurtha, Mercy, Remi
Bodurtha, Reice, Remi
Bodurtha, Samuel, Remi, Risi
Bodurtha, Thomas, Remi
Booth, Abigail, Harm
Booth, Benjamin, Harm
Booth, Elizabeth, Harm
Booth, Jemima, Harm
Booth, John, Harm
Booth, Joseph, Harm
Booth, Mary, Harm
Booth, Sarah, Harm
Booth, Simeon, Harm
Booth, Zachariah, Harm
Bourne, Elizabeth, King, Risi, RoeH, Wool
Brace, Elizabeth, Hall
Brace, John, Hall
Brace, Sarah, Burl
Brainard, James, RoeH
Brainard, Joshua, RoeH
Brandley, George, Hall
Breck, Hannah, King
Bridgman, Elizabeth, Aust, Harm
Briggs, Joshua, Alle, Aust
Bringham, Elizabeth, Aust, Kent
Bronson, Thankful, OldR, Sike, Towe
Brook, Mary, Hanc
Brooks, Mary Barnard, Gran, Kent
Brooks, Mary, Kent, OldR
Brooks, Sarah, Hanc, TayJ, Winc
Brooks, William, Hanc, TayJ
Brown, Mary, TayS
Brown, Samuel, Kent
Brownson, Abigail, Kent, Winc
Brownson, Joseph, Kent
Brownson, Mary, Kent
Brownson, Richard, Winc
Brownson, Thankful, King
Buckley, Hannah, Aust
Bucklin, Elizabeth, Burl
Buell, Deborah, RoeH
Bullard, Abigail, OldR
Burbank, Abiah, Burb
Burbank, Abraham, Burb
Burbank, Abramham, Burb, Gran
Burbank, Anna, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Anne, Burb
Burbank, Ashbel, Burb, Hanc
Burbank, Caleb, Burb, Gran, TayJ
Burbank, Daniel, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Dinah, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Ebenezer, Aust, Burb, King, TayJ
Burbank, Elanor, Burb
Burbank, Ellas, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Esther, Burb, Hanc
Burbank, Joanna, Burb, Gran, Remi, RoeH
Burbank, Joel, Aust, Burb
Burbank, John, Aust, Burb, Gran, Hanc, RoeH, TayJ
Burbank, Lidia, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Lois, Burb, Gran, King
Burbank, Lucy, Burb, Hanc, Sike
Burbank, Mary, Aust, Burb, Gran, Prit
Burbank, Mehitable, Burb
Burbank, Noah, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Rachel, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Ruth, Burb
Burbank, Samuel, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Seth, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Shem, Burb
Burbank, Sibbil, Burb, Hanc
Burbank, Susanna, Burb
Burbank, Thankful, Burb, TayJ
Burbank, Theode, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Theore, Aust, Burb
Burbank, Thomas, Burb, Hanc
Burbank, Timothy, Burb, Gran, Hanc
Burleson, Abigail, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Daniel, Burl
Burleson, Ebenezer, Burl
Burleson, Edward, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Elizabeth, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Fearnot, Burl
Burleson, Hannah, Burl
Burleson, Hope, Burl
Burleson, Job, Burl
Burleson, John, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Jonathan, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Joseph, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Mary, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Mercy, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Rachel, Burl, Hall
Burleson, Return, Burl
Burleson, Ruth, Burl
Burleson, Sarah, Burl, Hall
Burnham, Jemima, King
Burnham, Thomas, Harm
Burroughs, Margaret, Aust
Burt, Abigail, Hale
Burt, David, Hale
Burt, Elizabeth, Hanc, Lane, Sike
Burt, Experience, Hale
Burt, Gideon, Hale
Burt, Jonathan, Hale, Sike
Burt, Lydia, Hale
Burt, Martha, Hale
Burt, Mary, Hanc, TayJ
Burt, Mindwell, Aust
Burt, Nathaniel, Hale
Burt, Sarah, Remi
Bush, Lorain, King
Bush, Lydia, Aust
Bush, Lydia, Kent
Bush, Mary, Aust, Hanc
Bush, Mary, Remi
Bush, Miriam, Hale
Buttolph, Silence, Kent, Risi
Cakebread, Hepzibah, Alle
Callender, Susanna, Aust
Carkney, Margaret, Harm, Winc
Case, Abigail, Aust, Kent
Case, Josiah, Burb
Case, Martha, Warn
Caulkins, Hannah, King
Chandler, Eleanor, Prit
Chandler, Lydia, Harm
Chandler, Sarah, Harm
Chapin, Experience, Alle
Chaplin, Ebenezer, Copl, Risi
Chase, Phillip, Kent
Chipman, Daniel, Aust
Chipman, Darius, Aust
Chipman, Lemuel, Aust
Chipman, Nathaniel, Aust
Chipman, Samuel, Aust
Chipman, Siras, Aust
Clark, Daniel, Kent, OldR
Clark, Mary, Huxl
Clark, widow Lydia, King
Clemens, Desire, RoeH
Clemens, Joel, RoeH, Remi
Clemens, John, RoeH
Clemens, Mary, RoeH
Clemens, Sabina, RoeH
Clemens, Sabrina, RoeH
Cleveland, Abigail, Aust
Coe, Abigail, Gran, Hanc, Smit
Coe, Hannah, Aust
Coe, Joseph, Hanc
Cogan, Ruth, Burb, Copl, Prit, TayJ
Cogan, Thomas, Copl, TayJ
Coggin, Bathsheba, Smit
Collins, Nathaniel, Harm
Colton, John, Hale
Colton, Mary Ann, Warn
Colton, Sarah, OldR
Colton, Simon, Hale
Cook, Sarah, Aust, Winc
Cooley, Daniel, Gran
Cooley, Eleanor, Hale
Cooley, Eliakim, Hale
Cooley, Eunice, OldR
Cooley, Experience, Hale
Cooley, Hannah, Hale
Cooley, Joah, Hale
Cooley, Josiah, Hale
Cooley, Martha, Gran
Cooley, Rebecca, Hale
Cooley, Sabrinah, Hale
Coomes, Samuel, Hale
Cooper, Keziah, Sike
Cooper, Lydia, Sike
Cooper, Rebeccah, Alle, Towe
Cooper, Timothy, Alle, Gran
Copley, Abigail, Copl, Kent
Copley, Abigail, Risi
Copley, Anna, Copl
Copley, Daniel, Copl, Kent
Copley, Ebenezer, Copl, Mars, Risi
Copley, Elisha, Copl, Kent
Copley, Elizabeth, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Hannah, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Joel, Copl
Copley, Mary, Copl, Mars
Copley, Matthew, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Moses, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Nathaniel, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Noah, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Rebecca, Copl, Hall
Copley, Ruth, Copl, Risi
Copley, Samuel, Copl, Kent
Copley, Sarah, Copl, Huxl
Copley, Thomas, Copl, Huxl, Kent, Lane, Mars, Risi
Copley, Tryphena, Copl, Kent, Risi
Copley, William, Copl
Copley, Zophar, Copl
Corish, Priscilla, Hall, Kent
Coy, Richard, Kent
Crane, Mary, Copl, Huxl
Cravatts, Samuel, Risi
Crawford, Tabitha, Gran
Cummings, Ann, Harm
Curtis, Abner, Hanc, Remi
Curtis, Abraham, Burb
Curtis, Amos, King
Curtis, Daniel, Hanc, Sike
Curtis, Eunice, King
Curtis, Hannah, Aust
Curtis, James, Aust
Curtis, Josiah, Risi
Cushing, Bethiah, Burb
Dart, William, RoeH
Davidson, widow Abigail, Aust
Davis, James, Burl, Hall
Davison, Rebecca, Aust
Day, Timothy, Hale
Dennison, Abigail, Gran, TayS
Denslow, Anna, OldR
Denslow, Benjamin, Gran, OldR, TayS
Denslow, Deborah, Warn
Denslow, Elizabeth, Gran, Kent
Denslow, Elizabeth, OldR
Denslow, Henry, Copl
Denslow, Joseph, Winc
Denslow, Philander, OldR
Denslow, Rosabella, OldR
Denslow, Ruth, Copl, Huxl, Kent, Mars
Denslow, Samuel, Gran, OldR
Denslow, Sarah, Gran, OldR
Devotion, Abigail, Risi
Devotion, Ebenezer, King
Devotion, Hannah, Kent, King
Devotion, Rachel, Kent
Dewey, Abigail, Gran
Dewey, Bathsheba, Gran, Hanc
Dewey, Bathsheba, Kent
Dewey, Elizabeth, Aust, Palm, Sike
Dewey, Huldah, Sike
Dewey, Jedediah, Harm
Dewey, Jonathan, Hanc, Sike
Dewey, Nathaniel, Aust, King
Dewey, Oliver, Sike
Dewey, Pelatiah, Nort, Sike
Dewey, Rhoda, Sike
Dewey, Samuel, Hanc, Sike
Dewey, Sarah, Lane, Remi, Sike
Dewey, Thomas, Gran, Harm
Dibble, Abraham, Wool
Dibble, Hepzibah, Huxl
Dibble, Joanna, Alle, TayS
Dibble, Samuel, Alle
Dibble, Thomas, Wool
Dickinson, John, Lane
Dickinson, Sarah, Lane, Sike, Smit
Dorchester, Anthony, Harm
Dorchester, John, Harm
Dorchester, Mary, Harm
Dorchester, Sarah, Hale, Towe
Dudley, Abigail, Copl, Gran, Kent, Remi, RoeH
Dudley, Daniel, RoeH
Dudley, Deborah, RoeH
Dudley, Elizabeth, Hall, Hanc, Harm, Remi, RoeH
Dudley, Joseph, Remi, RoeH
Dudley, Mary, RoeH
Dudley, Mehetabel, RoeH
Dudley, Samuel, RoeH
Dudley, Sarah, RoeH
Dudley, William, Kent, Remi, RoeH
Dunlap, Alexander, Aust, Burb
Dwight, Abiah, Kent
Dwight, Anna, RoeH
Dwight, Eunice, Kent
Dwight, Lydia, Towe
Dwight, Mehitable, Burb, Gran
Dwight, Nathaniel, Burb, Kent
Dwight, Sibbil, Kent
Eastly, Moses, Gran
Easton, Elijah, Palm, TayJ, Winc
Easton, Hannah, Alle
Ellis, Anna, Hall, Remi
Ellis, Benjamin, Hall
Ellis, Catharine, Hall
Ellis, Sarah, Hall
Ellsworth, Josias, Nort
Ellsworth, Martha, Nort
Ellsworth, Samuel, Hall
Elwill, Agnes, Hanc, King
Ely, Jonathan, Hale
Ely, Lydia, Hale
Emerson, Elizabeth, Aust, King
Eno, Deborah, Gran
Eno, Sarah, Aust, Winc
Ensign, Mary, Huxl
Ensign, widow Love, Kent
Farwell, Rhoda, Sike
Ferry, Charles, Harm
Ferry, Margaret, Lane, Sike
Ferry, William, Sike
Fifield, John, Gran
Filley, Elizabeth, TayJ, Winc
Filley, Hannah, Gran, Hale, Harm, Smit
Filley, Mary, Hanc, Harm
Filley, William, Harm, Winc
Fish, Sarah, Aust
Fiske, Abigail, Burb, Towe
Fitch, Anna, Burb
Fitch, Silence, Kent
Fletcher, Ephraim, Remi, RoeH
Fletcher, William, Remi
Flower, Lucy, King
Foote, Frances, Lane
Foote, Joanna, Huxl
Foote, Thomas, TayS
Foward, Deborah, RoeH
Fowler, Bildad, Sike
Fowler, Elizabeth, RoeH
Fowler, Hannah, Harm
French, Elizabeth, Warn
French, Richard, Warn
Frost, Bathsheba, Remi, Risi
Frost, Joanna, Remi
Frost, Rebecca, Harm
Fuller, Bathsheba, Hanc
Fuller, Elizabeth, Aust, Huxl, King, Sike
Fuller, Hannah, Hanc
Fuller, John, King
Fuller, Joseph, Hanc, King, Nort, Prit
Fuller, Lydia, Kent
Fuller, Mary, Hanc
Fuller, Sarah, Hanc, King, Remi
Gates, Hezekiah, Aust
Gay, Ichabod, King
Gay, Lusher, King
Gay, William, King
Gaylord, Ann, Burb
Gaylord, John, Copl
Gaylord, Lucy, Burb
Gaylord, Martha, Nort
Gaylord, Mary, Copl, Huxl
Gerl, Hannah, Risi
Gibbs, Experience, Huxl
Gibbs, Patience, Gran, OldR
Gibbs, Samuel, Huxl
Gillette, Abigail, King
Gillet, Benjamin, Alle, Aust, Hale
Gillette, Benjamin, Aust
Gillette, Charles, Aust
Gillette, Daniel, Aust
Gillet, Elihu, Aust
Gillette, Elizabeth, Aust
Gillett, Gardner, RoeH
Gillett, Hannah, Kent
Gillett, Hannah, Risi, Winc
Gillette, Isaac, Aust
Gillett, Joanh, Alle, Gran
Gillette, John, Aust
Gillet, John, Aust
Gillette, Joseph, Aust
Gillett, Mary, RoeH
Gillett, Mercy, Aust, Hale, OldR
Gillet, Mercy, Aust, Lane, Sike
Gillette, Noah, Aust
Gillet, Phebe, Harm
Gillet, Rachel, Hanc
Gillett, Rosanna, RoeH
Gillet, Samuel, Kent, RoeH
Gillett, Thomas, Harm
Gilley, Sarah, Nort
Gleason, Elizabeth, Wool
Gleason, Hannah, Wool
Gleason, John, Wool
Gleason, Mary, Wool
Gleason, William, Wool
Godard, Aron, Huxl, Nort
Goldbold, Mary, Palm
Goodwind, Sarah, Alle, Aust
Gould, Mary, Smit
Gradner, Phoebe, Gran, OldR
Graham, Ruth, King
Granger, Aaron, Gran
Granger, Abigail, Alle, Gran, Lane
Granger, Abner, Gran
Granger, Abraham, Alle, Gran, Hanc, Huxl, Kent, OldR, Prit, Smit
Granger, Abramham, Gran, Hanc
Granger, Alfred, King
Granger, Alma, King
Granger, Amanda, King
Granger, Amos, Gran, Kent
Granger, Anna, Gran, Kent, Gran
Granger, Asher, Gran
Granger, Benjamin, Alle, Gran, Hanc, OldR, Smit
Granger, Bildad, Gran, Kent, King
Granger, Calvin, King
Granger, Charles, Gran, Sike, Smit
Granger, Chloe, Gran, Warn
Granger, Cynthia, King
Granger, Daniel, Gran, OldR, TayS
Granger, David, Alle, Gran
Granger, Deliverance, Gran, Hanc, Kent, Winc
Granger, Dinah, Gran, Kent
Granger, Dorothy, Gran, OldR
Granger, Dudley, Kent
Granger, Ebenezer, Gran, King
Granger, Eldad, Gran
Granger, Eli, Kent
Granger, Elijah, Gran, Kent
Granger, Elijah, King
Granger, Elisha, Gran
Granger, Elizabeth, Alle, Gran, Harm, Kent, King, Lane, Nort, OldR, TayS
Granger, Enoch, Gran, Kent
Granger, Epaphras King, King
Granger, Esther, Alle, Gran, Hanc, Kent
Granger, Eunice, Gran, TayS
Granger, Frederick, King
Granger, George, Grane, OldR
Granger, Gideon, Gran, Kent
Granger, Hannah, Alle, Gran, Kent, King, OldR, RoeH, TayS
Granger, Huldah, Gran
Granger, Isaac, Gran
Granger, Jeremiah, Gran, Hanc
Granger, Joel, Gran
Granger, John, Gran, Hanc
Granger, John, Harm, Kent, TayS, Warn
Granger, Jonathan, Alle, Gran, Hall
Granger, Joseph, Gran
Granger, Josiah, Gran
Granger, Julius, Kent
Granger, Justin, King
Granger, Katherine Kent, Kent
Granger, Launcelot, Aust, Burb, Gran, Hanc, OldR, Sike, TayS
Granger, Launcelot H., Kent
Granger, Lemuel, Gran
Granger, Levi, Alle, Gran
Granger, Lucy, Gran, King
Granger, Lydia, Gran
Granger, Margaret, Gran
Granger, Martha, Alle, Gran, Hanc
Granger, Mary, Alle, Aust, Burb, Gran, Hanc, Kent, RoeH, TayS, Gran
Granger, Moses, Gran, RoeH
Granger, Oliver, Gran, Hanc, Sike
Granger, Phineas, Gran
Granger, Phoebe, Gran
Granger, Rachel, Gran
Granger, Rebecca, Gran
Granger, Robert, Gran, Hanc, RoeH
Granger, Roderick, King
Granger, Ruth, Alle, Burb, Gran, RoeH
Granger, Ruth Ruggles, Kent
Granger, Samuel, Gran, Hanc, Kent, King, Prit, Sike, TayS
Granger, Sarah, Alle, Aust, Gran, Hanc, Harm, King, OldR, TayS
Granger, Seba, Alle, Gran
Granger, Seth, Alle, Gran
Granger, Silence, Sike
Granger, Simeon, Gran
Granger, Sophia, King
Granger, Susannah, Gran
Granger, Tabitha, Gran
Granger, Thankful, Alle, Gran
Granger, Thomas, Alle, Gran, Harm, Lane, Prit, TayS
Granger, William, Gran, OldR, TayS
Granger, Zadock, Gran
Granger, Zerviah, Gran
Grannis, Desire, Sike, Towe
Gray, Dorothy, RoeH
Gray, Naomi, Huxl
Green, Bridget, Aust, Palm, Wool
Greenman, Preserved, Harm
Griffin, Lucy, Remi
Grimes, Joseph, Warn
Griswald, Betsy, Kent
Griswold, Esther, Copl, Huxl
Griswold, Lucy, Alle
Griswold, Phoebe, Aust
Grusveror, Sarah, Alle
Gunn, widow Esther, Lane, Remi
Hale, Abigail, Aust, Hale, Kent
Hale, Abner, Hale
Hale, Achsah, Hale
Hale, Annorah, Hale
Hale, Asa, Harm
Hale, Caroline, Hale
Hale, Elizabeth, Hale, OldR
Hale, Eunice, Aust, Hale, King
Hale, Experience, Hale
Hale, Hannah, Aust, Hale
Hale, Hannah, Lane, Remi, Risi
Hale, Hezekiah, Hale
Hale, John, Aust, Hale, Nort
Hale, Jonathan, Hale
Hale, Joseph, Aust, Hale, OldR
Hale, Josiah, Aust, Hale, Harm
Hale, Lucy, Hale
Hale, Lydia, Hale
Hale, Martha, Hale, Harm
Hale, Mary, Hale, Nort, Towe
Hale, Mercy, Hale
Hale, Miriam, Hale
Hale, Moses, Hale
Hale, Nathan, Hale
Hale, Noah, Hale
Hale, Rachel, Aust, Hale
Hale, Rebecca, Hale
Hale, Samuel, Aust, Hale
Hale, Sarah, Hale, Mars, Risi
Hale, Silas, Hale
Hale, Thankful, Gran, Hale
Hale, Thankful, Hanc
Hale, Thomas, Hale
Hale, Timothy, Aust, Hale, Harm, Remi, Risi
Hale, William, Remi
Hall, Abigail, Risi
Hall, Anne, Aust, King, Risi
Hall, Bethiah, Risi
Hall, Elizabeth, Gran, Hall, Harm, OldR, Wool
Hall, Eunice, Risi
Hall, Hannah, Risi
Hall, Isaac, Mars
Hall, John, Mars, Risi
Hall, Lios, Winc
Hall, Mabel, Risi
Hall, Mary, Mars, Remi, RoeH
Hall, Mercy, Risi
Hall, Nathaniel, Aust, Mars, Risi, Winc
Hall, Remember, King, OldR
Hall, Samuel, Hale, King, Risi, RoeH, Wool
Hall, Sarah, Mars, Risi
Hall, Sibble, Mars
Halladay, Aaron, Hall
Halladay, Abiah, Gran, Hall
Halladay, Abigail, Hall, Kent
Halladay, Abraham, Hall
Halladay, Ami, Hall
Halladay, Anna, Hall
Halladay, Anne, Hall
Halladay, Apphia, Hall, Remi
Halladay, Aseph, Hall
Halladay, Daniel, Hall
Halladay, Deborah, Hall
Halladay, Deliverance, Hall
Halladay, Ebenezer, Hall
Halladay, Elizabeth, Hall
Halladay, Isaac, Hall
Halladay, Jacob, Hall
Halladay, James, Copl, Hall
Halladay, Job, Hall
Halladay, John, Hall, Wool
Halladay, Jonah, Hall
Halladay, Mary, Hall
Halladay, Mercy, Hall
Halladay, Moses, Hall, Remi
Halladay, Ruth, Hall
Halladay, Samuel, Hall, Wool
Halladay, Sarah, Burl, Hall
Halladay, Solomon, Hall
Halladay, Susanna, Kent
Halladay, Walter, Burl, Hall
Halladay, William, Hall, Remi
Halladay, Zacheus, Hall
Hamblin, Elizabeth, Harm, Warn, Winc
Hamblin, Mary, Alle, Hale, Kent, Risi
Hamblin, Miriam, Harm, Huxl, King
Hamblin, Nathaniel, King, Risi, Winc
Hamblin, Sarah, Harm, Risi
Hanchett, Abiel, Hanc, Sike
Hanchett, Abigail, Hanc
Hanchett, Amos, Hanc
Hanchett, Anna, Harm
Hanchett, Bathsheba, Hanc, King, Prit
Hanchett, Beulah, Gran, Hanc, Sike
Hanchett, Daniel, Harm
Hanchett, David, Hanc, Harm
Hanchett, Deliverance, Hanc
Hanchett, Deliverance Hannah, Hanc
Hanchett, Ebenezer, Hanc, Prit
Hanchett, Elizabeth, Hanc
Hanchett, Enos, Harm
Hanchett, Ester, Gran, Hanc, Kent, Prit, Sike
Hanchett, Esther, Burb, Gran, Hanc
Hanchett, Eunice, Aust, Hanc, Harm, Sike
Hanchett, Ezra, Hanc, Kent
Hanchett, Hannah, Aust, Gran, Hanc, Harm, Kent, King, Prit, Smit
Hanchett, Huldah, Sike
Hanchett, Isaac, Harm
Hanchett, John, Burb, Gran, Hanc, Harm, Prit, Remi, RoeH, Sike
Hanchett, Jonah, Hanc
Hanchett, Joseph, Hanc, Sike
Hanchett, Joseph Thompson, Harm
Hanchett, Lidea, Hanc
Hanchett, Lucy, Hanc
Hanchett, Luke, Aust, Hanc, Harm
Hanchett, Lydia, Burb, Gran, Hanc, Harm, Remi, RoeH
Hanchett, Mary, Hanc, Harm, OldR, Sike
Hanchett, Mehitable, Hanc, Prit, Risi, Sike
Hanchett, Oliver, Hanc
Hanchett, Phoebe, Harm
Hanchett, Rachel, Hanc, King
Hanchett, Rhoda, Hanc
Hanchett, Ruth, Hanc
Hanchett, Samuel, Hanc, Prit
Hanchett, Sarah, Hanc, Harm
Hanchett, Seth, Hanc, Sike
Hanchett, Sibble, Hanc, King, Sike
Hanchett, Simeon, Hanc
Hanchett, Sylvanus, Hanc, Sike
Hanchett, Thomas, Hanc, King, OldR, Prit
Hanchett, Zaccheus, Hanc, Harm, King, Sike
Harmon, Abel, Harm
Harmon, Abial, Harm
Harmon, Abiel, Harm
Harmon, Abigail, Harm
Harmon, Adah, Harm
Harmon, Ahimaaz, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Alexander, Harm
Harmon, Amos, Harm, Towe
Harmon, Ann, Harm, Risi
Harmon, Anna, Harm
Harmon, Anne, Harm
Harmon, Asa, Harm, King
Harmon, Asahel, Aust, Harm
Harmon, Asenath, Harm
Harmon, Auson Gustin, Harm
Harmon, Benjamin, Alle, Aust, Harm
Harmon, Bulah, Harm
Harmon, Caleb, Harm
Harmon, Caroline, Harm
Harmon, Cephas, Harm
Harmon, Clement, Harm
Harmon, Dan, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Daniel, Aust, Harm
Harmon, David, Harm, Kent
Harmon, Deborah, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Dr. O. L., Harm
Harmon, Ebenezer, Gran, Harm, TayS, Winc
Harmon, Eli, Harm
Harmon, Elias, Aust, Hanc, Harm, Sike
Harmon, Elihu, Harm
Harmon, Elijah, Harm
Harmon, Elisha, Harm
Harmon, Elizabeth, Gran, Harm, Lane, Nort
Harmon, Enos, Aust, Harm
Harmon, Erastus, Harm
Harmon, Esther, Harm
Harmon, Eunice, Harm
Harmon, Ezekiel, Harm
Harmon, Gad, Gran, Harm, Kent
Harmon, Gaius, Harm
Harmon, Hannah, Gran, Harm, King, OldR
Harmon, Hezekiah, Harm
Harmon, Horace, Harm
Harmon, Isaac, Harm
Harmon, Israel, Harm
Harmon, Jael, Harm
Harmon, James, Harm
Harmon, Jaques, Harm
Harmon, Jehiel, Harm
Harmon, Jekiel, Harm
Harmon, Jerusha, Harm
Harmon, Joel, Aust, Gran, Harm
Harmon, John, Aust, Harm, Kent, King, Nort, Remi
Harmon, Jonathan, Harm
Harmon, Joseph, Alle, Gran, Hale, Harm, Kent, Lane, Nort, Smit, TayS
Harmon, Joshua, Harm
Harmon, Josiah, Harm
Harmon, Luther, Harm
Harmon, Lydia, Harm
Harmon, Mark, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Mary, Aust, Harm, Huxl, Remi, RoeH
Harmon, Mathew, Harm
Harmon, Medad, Harm
Harmon, Mercy, Harm
Harmon, Michal, Harm
Harmon, Miriam, Alle, Gran, Harm
Harmon, Moses, Gran, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Nathaniel, Aust, Harm, Nort, Smit
Harmon, Nehemiah, Aust, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Olive, Harm
Harmon, Oliver, Harm
Harmon, Orlando, Harm
Harmon, Orpha, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Ozias, Harm
Harmon, Paul, Harm
Harmon, Phinehas, Harm, Kent, Smit
Harmon, Phoebe, Harm
Harmon, Rachel, Harm, Kent
Harmon, Rebecca, Harm, Remi
Harmon, Reuben, Aust, Harm, Risi
Harmon, Rhoda, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Rosanna, Harm
Harmon, Rufus, Harm
Harmon, Ruth, Aust, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Samuel, Harm, Kent, Nort, Risi, TayJ, Winc
Harmon, Sarah, Aust, Hale, Hanc, Harm
Harmon, Seth, Harm, Risi
Harmon, Shadrack, Harm
Harmon, Silas, Harm
Harmon, Silence, Harm
Harmon, Simeon, Aust, Harm
Harmon, Sybble, Harm
Harmon, Thaddeus, Harm
Harmon, Triphena, Harm, Nort
Harmon, Zacheus, Harm
Harrington, Susannah, Remi
Hart, Elisha, Burb
Hart, Lydia, Aust
Hart, Martha, OldR
Hart, Sarah, Burb, Nort
Hart, Thomas, Nort
Harvey, Lucy, Sike
Hasford, Susannah, Hanc, OldR
Hastings, Benjamin, Huxl
Hastings, Dorcas, Harm, Kent, Smit
Hastings, Elizabeth, Huxl, Remi
Hastings, Experience, Huxl
Hastings, John, Huxl, Remi
Hastings, Joseph, Gran, Harm, Huxl, Kent, OldR
Hastings Jr., Joseph, Huxl, Remi
Hastings, Submit, Kent
Hathaway, Abraham, Aust, Kent, RoeH
Hathaway, Alfred, Aust
Hathaway, Asahel, RoeH
Hathaway, Betsy, Aust
Hathaway, Charles, Kent, OldR
Hathaway, Deborah, Aust, Kent
Hathaway, Ebenezer, King, Risi, RoeH
Hathaway, Erastus, Aust
Hathaway, Isaiah, RoeH
Hathaway, Jacob, Aust, Kent
Hathaway, Jael, Towe, Gran
Hathaway, Joel, Nort, RoeH
Hathaway, John, RoeH
Hathaway, Joshua, Aust
Hathaway, Levi, Aust
Hathaway, Lucy, Aust, King, RoeH
Hathaway, Parnell, Risi
Hathaway, Rufus, Risi
Hathaway, Ruth, Kent
Hathaway, Samuel, King, Remi, RoeH
Hathaway, Sarah, Kent
Hathaway, Seth, RoeH
Hathaway, Shadrach, Aust
Hathaway, Shadrack, Aust, Kent
Hathaway, Silas, Aust
Hathaway, Simeon, Aust, Kent
Hathaway, Thorinda, Risi
Hathaway, Tryphena, Aust, Kent
Hawley, Annah, Aust
Hawley, Gidion, Aust
Hawley, Zachariah, Aust, King
Hayden, Anna, King
Hayden, Hannah, Harm
Hayden, Levi, Sike
Hayden, Mindwell, Kent, Risi
Hayden, Samuel, King
Hayes, Elizabeth, Aust
Hayes, Lydia, Aust
Hayes, Mary, RoeH
Hayward, Anna, Alle
Hayward, Ebenezer, Alle
Hayward, James, Alle
Hayward, Joseph, Alle, Hanc
Hayward, Lydia, Burb, Hanc, Prit, Remi, RoeH, Sike
Hayward, Mary, Alle
Heald, Josiah, Remi
Heald, Sarah, Remi, Aust
Higgins, Elizabeth, Burb, Hanc
Higley, Anna, Hall
Higley, Elijah, Hall
Hill, Elizabeth, RoeH
Hill, Mary, RoeH
Hingston, John, Mars
Hinsdale, Elizabeth, Hale, Risi
Hinsdale, Robert, Risi
Hirman, Ruth, Kent
Hitchcock, Aaron, Kent, Winc
Hitchcock, Apollos, Kent, King
Hitchcock, Experience, Kent, King
Hitchcock, Lucinda, Kent
Hitchcock, Luke, Remi
Hitchcock Jr., Luke, Kent
Hitchcock, Ruth, Kent
Hitchcock, Thankful, Remi
Holcomb, Abigail, Aust, Kent, King, Smit
Holcomb, Ann, Gran, King, TayJ, Winc
Holcomb, Asael, Kent
Holcomb, Asahel, Kent
Holcomb, Benajah, Aust, Winc
Holcomb, Benjamin, King, Winc
Holcomb, David, Winc
Holcomb, Dinah, Gran, Kent, Warn
Holcomb, Elizabeth, Winc
Holcomb, John, Gran, Kent
Holcomb, Joseph, Winc
Holcomb, Martha, Winc
Holcomb, Martin, Winc
Holcomb, Mary, Copl, Kent, Winc
Holcomb, Parnel, Huxl, Kent, King, Winc
Holcomb, Sarah, Copl
Hollister, Abigail, Gran, King
Hollister, Eunice, Huxl, King
Holly, Hannah, Kent
Holly, Rufus, Gran, Kent
Holton, William, Risi
Hooker, Hannah, Kent
Hooker, John, Risi
Hooker, Lydia, Mars, Risi
Hopkins, Eunice, Sike
Hosford, Hannah, Wool
Hosford, Hester, Gran, Kent
Hosford, John, Kent
Hosford, Sarah, TayS
Hoskins, John, TayS, Warn
Hoskins, Sarah, Harm
Hoskins, Thomas, Warn
Hosmer, Hannah, Alle
Hovey, Abigail, Aust, Burb, Hale, Harm, Lane, Remi
Hovey, James, Aust
Hovey, Mary, Aust, Harm
Hovey, Mary, King
Hovey, Nathaniel, Remi
Hovey, Sarah, Remi, Winc
Hovey, Thomas, Aust, Winc
Howell, Prudence, OldR, Towe
Huggins, Elizabeth, Alle, Palm, Prit
Huggins, Esther, Aust, Gran, Harm, King
Huggins, Hannah, Wool
Huggins, John, Aust, Palm, Wool
Hulbart, Ebenezer, Harm
Hulburd, John, Harm
Hulburt, Nathaniel, Hall
Hunt, Mary, Hale, Remi
Hunter, Katherine, Burl, Hall
Hunter, Priscilla, Gran, Kent
Hunter, William, Hall, Kent
Hussey, Mary, Alle, Towe, Winc
Hutchingson, Samuel, Harm
Hutton, Elizabeth, Remi
Huxley, Aaron, Huxl
Huxley, Abigail, Huxl, Nort
Huxley, Anne, Gran, Huxl, Kent
Huxley, Dan, Huxl
Huxley, Elizabeth, Aust, Huxl, King, Nort
Huxley, Francis, Huxl
Huxley, Hannah, Copl, Huxl
Huxley, Jared, Huxl, Kent, Nort, TayJ
Huxley, Johannah, Huxl, Kent
Huxley, John, Huxl, King
Huxley, Lois, Huxl, Warn
Huxley, Lucy, Huxl
Huxley, Margery, Huxl
Huxley, Martha, Huxl
Huxley, Mary, Huxl, Nort, Remi, Risi
Huxley, Mercy, Huxl, Nort
Huxley, Mindwell, Huxl
Huxley, Moses, Huxl
Huxley, Nathaniel, Huxl
Huxley, Phinehas, Huxl
Huxley, Rachel, Huxl
Huxley, Ruth, Huxl
Huxley, Sarah, Harm, Huxl, Nort
Huxley, Terzy, Huxl
Huxley, Thankful, Huxl
Huxley, Thomas, Copl, Huxl, King, Nort, Warn
Huxley, William, Huxl
Huxley, Zilpah, Huxl
Huxley, Zilpha, Burb, Huxl
Ingram, Anna, Kent
Isham, Asenah, Alle
Jaques, Hannah, Harm
Jaquish, Abigail, Alle, Aust, Harm, Kent, Prit
Jessa, David, Aust
Jessa, Elizabeth, Aust
Jesse, Mary, King
Jesse, Susanna, Huxl, Kent
Jesse, Susanna, King
Johnson, Amos, Risi
Johnson, Lucy, King
Johnson, Mary, Kent, Risi
Johnson, Mercy, Risi
Johnson, Rachel, Risi
Johnson, Samuel, Risi
Johnson, Sarah, Risi
Johnson, Seth, Risi
Johnson, Susanna, Huxl
Jones, Ebenezer, Remi
Jones, Mercy, Remi
Jordan, Susannah, Burb
Judd, Clement, Harm
Judd, Elizabeth, Hale, Hanc, Harm
Judd, William, Harm
Keep, Abigail, Hale
Keep, Mary, Hale
Keep, Samuel, Hale
Kellogg, Aaron, Kent
Kellogg, Jemima, Kent
Kellogg, Jonathan, Kent
Kellogg, Joseph, Hall, Harm, Huxl, Kent
Kellogg, Lucy, Kent
Kellogg, Martin, Hall, Huxl, Kent
Kellogg, Molly, Kent
Kellogg, Rachel, Kent
Kellogg, Rebecca, Kent
Kellogg, Sarah, Kent
Kelsey, Ruth, Burb
Kelway, Mary, Lane
Kendall, Bethina, Kent
Kendall, Elizabeth, Gran
Kendall, Horace, Kent
Kendall, Joshua, King, Remi
Kendall, Mary, King
Kendall, Rebecca, Lane
Kendall, Simon, Lane
Kendall, Susanna, Remi
Kendall, Tryphena, King
Kent, Aaron, Kent
Kent, Abel, Gran, Kent
Kent, Abiah, Kent
Kent, Abigail, Aust, Copl, Gran, Kent
Kent, Abner, Kent, Remi, RoeH, Kent
Kent, Alexander, Kent
Kent, Amasa, Kent
Kent, Amos, Aust, Kent
Kent, Anna, Kent, King, Nort
Kent, Anne, Kent
Kent, Apollos, Kent
Kent, Apphia, Kent, OldR
Kent, Asahel, Gran, Kent
Kent, Asher, Kent
Kent, Augustus, Kent
Kent, Bathsheba, Kent
Kent, Bela, Kent
Kent, Benajah, Aust, Kent
Kent, Benjamin, Kent, OldR, Palm
Kent, Caroline, Kent
Kent, Catherine, Gran, Kent
Kent, Cephas, Harm, Kent
Kent, Charles, Gran, Kent
Kent, Chloe, Kent, King
Kent, Dan, Gran, Kent
Kent, Daniel, Kent, Sike
Kent, Deborah, Aust, Gran, Kent
Kent, Delight, Kent
Kent, Deliverance, Gran, Harm, Kent
Kent, Diana, Kent
Kent, Dianna, Kent, Palm
Kent, Dinah, Kent
Kent, Dudley, Gran, Kent
Kent, Elias, Huxl, Kent
Kent, Elihu, Kent
Kent Jr., Elihu, Kent
Kent, Elijah, Kent
Kent Jr., Elijah, Kent
Kent, Elisha, Kent
Kent, Elizabeth, Gran, Kent, Remi
Kent, Erastus, Kent
Kent, Esther, Alle, Gran, Kent
Kent, Experience, Kent, Winc
Kent, Ezra, Gran, Kent
Kent, Gaius, Kent
Kent, Gamaliel, Kent
Kent, Gideon, Gran, Kent
Kent, Hannah, Kent, Risi
Kent, Horatio, Kent
Kent, Huldah, Kent
Kent, Jael, Aust, Harm, Kent
Kent, James, Kent
Kent, Jerusha, Kent
Kent, Joel, Kent, King, Sike
Kent, John, Copl, Gran, Huxl, Kent, RoeH, Sike, Winc
Kent, Jonathan Kellogg, Kent
Kent, Joseph, Copl, Kent, Risi, Winc
Kent, Josiah, Alle, Gran, Hanc, Kent
Kent, Lucina, Aust, Kent
Kent, Lucinda, Kent
Kent, Lucretia, Kent
Kent, Lucy, Kent
Kent, Lydia, Aust, Kent
Kent, Mahala, Kent
Kent, Martha, Alle, Kent
Kent, Martin, Kent, Sike
Kent, Mary, Gran, Hanc, Kent, King
Kent, Mehitabel, Kent
Kent, Michael, Aust, Kent, Sike
Kent, Miriam, Kent
Kent, Moriah, Hanc, Kent
Kent, Moses, Huxl, Kent
Kent, Nathan, Kent
Kent, Nathaniel, Gran, Kent
Kent, Noah, Gran, Hanc, Kent, Winc
Kent, Oliver, Kent
Kent, Paul, Gran, Kent
Kent, Peggy, Kent
Kent, Peleg, Kent
Kent, Permela, Kent
Kent, Phebe, Gran, Kent
Kent, Phillis, Hall, Kent
Kent, Priscilla, Kent
Kent, Prisulla, Kent
Kent, Rachel, Kent
Kent, Rebecca, Kent
Kent, Rogger, Kent
Kent, Roxanna, Kent, Risi, Sike
Kent, Roxavena, Kent
Kent, Ruggles, Kent
Kent, Ruth, Kent
Kent, Salome, Kent
Kent, Samuel, Alle, Aust, Gran, Kent, Winc
Kent, Sarah, Aust, Harm, Kent
Kent, Sarah Evelina, Aust
Kent, Seth, Gran, Kent, King, Risi, RoeH, Sike
Kent, Sibbel, Kent
Kent, Sibbil, Kent
Kent, Silas, Harm, Kent
Kent, Simeon, Kent
Kent, Susanna, Kent, Risi
Kent, Thankful, Kent
Kent, Thauddeus, Kent
Kent, Theoda, Kent
Kent, Theodosia, Kent
Kent, Thomas, Kent
Kent, Tirzah, Kent
Kent, Trepheny, Kent
Kent, Tryphosa, Gran, Kent
Kent, Zero, Kent
Ketcham, John, Sike
Kibbe, Isaac, Huxl
Killam, Lot, Harm
Killium, Mary, Risi
Kimball, Sarah, Alle, Kent, Palm, Prit, Towe
King, Aaron, Harm
King, Abigail, Kent, King
King, Agnes, Aust, Harm, King, Nort
King, Alexander, King
King, Alice, King
King, Amos, Huxl, King
King, Anna, Harm, King
King, Anne, King
King, Apollos, King
King, Artemus, King
King, Asenath, King, Winc
King, Ashbel, King
King, Asher, Aust, King
King, Augustine, King
King, Aurelia, King
King, Benjamin, King, OldR
King, Benoni, King
King, Bertha, King, Lane, King
King, Caroline, King
King, Charles, King
King, Chloe, Kent, Remi
King, Cynthia, King
King, Dan, Aust, Harm, King, Risi
King, David, Kent
King, Diana, Kent, King
King, Dorothy, Warn
King, Ebenezer, Aust, Hale, Huxl, Kent, King
King, Eleanor, Harm, Kent
King, Elijah, King
King, Eliphalet, King, Remi
King, Elizabeth, Aust, Huxl, Kent, King
King, Epaphras, King
King, Esther, Harm
King, Eunice, Aust, Burb, Harm, King
King, Eusebia, King, Winc
King, Experience, Gran
King, Fidelio, Kent
King, Gideon, King
King, Hannah, Gran, Harm, Kent, King
King, Harriet Devotion, King
King, Harriet, King
King, Henry, King
King, Horatio, King
King, Huldah, King
King, Ichabod, Kent, King
King, Irena, King
King, Isaac Burnham, King
King, Isaac, King
King, James, Aust, Hanc, Harm, Huxl, King, Sike
King, Jemima, Kent
King, Joel, King
King, John Adison, Harm
King, John Bowker, King
King, John, Huxl, Kent, King, Winc
King, Johnson, King
King, Jonah, King
King, Jonathan, Aust, King
King, Joseph, Huxl, King, OldR
King, Joshua Kendall, King
King, Josiah, Aust
King, Kezia, Harm
King, Lucinda, Kent
King, Lucy, King, Nort
King, Lydia, Warn
King, Mary, Gran, Hanc, Kent, King, Nort, Palm, Sike, Towe
King, Matilda, King
King, Michal, Gran, Kent, King
King, Micham, King
King, Miriam, Harm, King
King, Moses, King
King, Naham, King
King, Nathaniel, Harm, Huxl, King, Towe, Warn
King, Obadiah, King
King, Parnell, King, Risi, RoeH
King, Phillis, King, Warn
King, Phineas, King
King, Phoebe, Aust
King, Rhoda, Harm
King, Richard, Harm
King, Roger, King
King, Roswell, King
King, Roxanna, Kent, King
King, Samuel, King
King, Sarah, Huxl, King, Risi
King, Sena, Risi
King, Seth, Kent, King
King, Sherlock, King
King, Sibyl, Kent
King, Susanna, Gran, Kent, King, Risi
King, Thaddeus, King, Burb
King, Theodore, Hanc, King, Sike
King, Thomas, Huxl, King
King, Uriel, King
King, Walter, King
King, William, Han, King, RoeH
Kinsman, Sarah, Gran, Nort, Smit, TayS
Laflin, Charles, Risi
Laflin, Elizabeth, Mars, Risi
Lamb, Mary, Burb
Lamburton, Mercy, Alle
Landon, John, Hanc, Sike
Lane, Abigail, Alle, Hale, Lane, Remi
Lane, Charles, Sike
Lane, Dan, Harm, Lane
Lane, David, Harm, Lane
Lane, Elizabeth, Lane, Sike, Smit
Lane, Enos, Gran, Harm, Lane
Lane Jr., Enos, Harm, Lane, Sike
Lane, Gad, Lane
Lane, Ithemer, Alle, Gran, Lane
Lane, John, Lane, Sike
Lane, Mary, Alle, King, Lane, Sike
Lane, Phenix, Copl, Lane
Lane, Samuel, Harm, Lane, Remi, Sike, Smit
Lane, Sarah, Harm, Lane, Sike
Lane, Seth, Harm, Lane
Lane, William, Harm, Lane
Langton, Deliverance, Hanc, King, Prit
Langton, George, Hanc
Lankton, Ruth, Harm
Law, Samuel, Sike
Lawrence, Sibble, Alle, Gran
Lawton, Benedicta, Harm
Leavit, Freegrace, Burb
Leavit, John, Kent
Leavit, Joseph, Hale, Kent, Remi
Leavit, Joshua, Kent, TayJ, Winc
Leavit, Samuel, Aust
Leavitt, Abiah, Kent
Leavitt, Amelia, Kent
Leavitt, Asaph, Remi
Leavitt, Charlotte, Kent
Leavitt, David, Remi, Towe
Leavitt, Dorothy, Kent
Leavitt, Enoch, Gran, Kent, Remi
Leavitt, Eunice, Kent
Leavitt, Freegrace, Kent
Leavitt, Hannah, Kent
Leavitt, Jemima, Kent
Leavitt, John, Kent
Leavitt, John Wheeler, Kent
Leavitt, Joseph, Remi
Leavitt, Joshua, Kent
Leavitt, Lydia, Kent
Leavitt, nln, King
Leavitt, Reliance, Towe
Leavitt, Samuel, Remi
Leavitt, Thaddeus, Kent, King
Lee, Elizabeth, RoeH
Lee, Salome, Hale
Leonard, Abel, Aust, Remi
Leonard, Abigail, Aust
Leonard, Austin, Aust
Leonard, Benjamin, Aust
Leonard, Charles, Palm
Leonard, Deborah, Aust
Leonard, Elijah, Aust
Leonard, Ester, Palm, Aust
Leonard, Fellows, Palm
Leonard, George, Palm
Leonard, Jerusha, Aust
Leonard, John, Remi
Leonard, Lois, Aust
Leonard, Margaret, Palm
Leonard, Mary, Kent, Remi
Leonard, Mercy, Sike
Leonard, Priscilla, Aust
Leonard, Roswell, Kent, Palm
Leonard, Sarah, Remi
Leslie, Sarah, Kent
Lester, Daniel, Kent
Lewis, Blanche, Remi
Lewis, Hannah, Kent
Lewis, Mary, Hall, Wool
Lobdell, Elizabeth, Sike
Loomis, Abigail, Kent
Loomis, Asa, Aust
Loomis, Belinda, Gran, OldR
Loomis, David, Harm
Loomis, Elizabeth, Alle, Hanc, OldR
Loomis, Jerusha, Kent
Loomis, John, Hanc
Loomis, Parmelia, Risi
Loomis, Samuel, Hanc
Loomis, Uriah, Risi
Lord, Jane, Hale
Lutman, Jane, RoeH
Lyman, Aaron, Kent
Lyman, Anna, Gran
Lyman, John, Harm
Lyman, Joshua, Harm
Lyman, Susanna, Kent
Maccraney, Mercy, Smit
Machias, Mary, Nort
MacIntire, Stephen, Sike, Towe
Mackcranney, William, Burb
March, Anne, Alle, Harm
Markham, Joseph, Harm
Marritt, Abigail, Aust, Kent
Marsh, Daniel, Kent
Marsh, Hannah, Kent
Marsh, Rachel, TayJ
Marsh, Thomas, Prit
Marshall, Abigail, Mars, Prit, Towe
Marshall, Benjamin, Mars
Marshall, Edmund, Copl, Mars, Risi
Marshall, Elizabeth, Copl, Hale, Mars, Risi
Marshall, John, Mars
Marshall, Martha, Mars
Marshall, Mary, Copl, Mars, Risi
Marshall, Sarah, Mars
Martin, Lydia, Gran
Martin, Samuel, Nort
Martin, Sarah, Harm, Nort, Towe
Mason, Desire Patience, Harm, Remi
Mason, Eliphalet, Risi
Mason, Eunice, Remi
Mason, Nicholas, RoeH
Mason, Patience, Remi, Risi
Mather, Anna, Burb, King
Mather, Apphia, Kent
Mather, Atherton, Burb
Mather, Charles, Burb
Mather, Cotton, Burb, Huxl
Mather, Elihu, Burb
Mather, Elizabeth, Burb
Mather, Erastus, Kent
Mather, Eusebius, Kent
Mather, Jerusha, Harm, Huxl
Mather, Lot, Burb
Mather, Lucinda, Burb
Mather, Mary, Aust, Burb
Mather, Rebecca, Risi
Mather, Richard, Burb, Gran, King
Mather, Samuel, Kent
Mather, Sarah, Burb
Mather, Timothy, Hanc, Kent
Mather, William, Kent, Risi
Mather, Zachahiah, Burb
Matson, Joshua, Hall
McLaflin, Joanna, Kent, Winc
McLaflin, Mary, Remi, Risi, Sike
McLaflin, Robert, Remi, Risi
Meacham, Benjamin, Harm
Merick, Thamer, Kent
Merrick, Abigail, Aust, Kent
Merrick, Joseph, Kent
Merrick, Margaret, Kent
Merrill, Nathaniel, Burb
Merrill, Susannah, Burb, Gran, TayJ
Merrill, Thomas, RoeH
Middleton, John, Towe
Mighel, Elizabeth, RoeH, Warn
Mighill, John, Warn
Miller, Hannah, Alle, Harm, Towe
Miller, Jerusha, Harm, Kent
Miller, Joanna, Hale
Miller, John, Burb
Miller, Jonathan, Sike
Miller, Lazarus, Burb, Prit
Miller, Martha, Burb
Miller, Mary, Burb, Prit
Miller, Nathaniel, Burb, Prit, TayJ
Miller, Noah, Burb
Miller, Obadiah, Burb, Harm
Miller, Rachel, Prit
Miller, Rebecca, Prit
Miller, Rhoda, King, Sike
Miller, Ruth, Prit
Miller, Samuel, Hall
Miller, Sarah, Mars
Mixer, Anna, Towe
Mixer, Eusebius, Towe
Mixer, Gideon, Towe
Mixer, Isaac, Burb, Gran
Mixer, Isaac, Towe
Mixer, John, Burb, Towe
Mixer, Phinehas, Towe
Mixer, Thankful, Towe
Mixer, Theoda, Towe
Monroe, Polly, Aust
Montague, Mary, Harm
Moody, Elizabeth, TayS
Moore, Isaac, Winc
Moore, Sarah, Winc
Morley, Issac, Harm
Moses, Anne, Hall
Moses, Susanna, Towe
Munger, Billy, King, Sike
Munger Jr., Billy, Sike
Munger, Hannah, Sike
Munger, Joseph, Sike
Munger, Lucy, Sike
Munger, Mary, Sike
Munger, Meriam, Sike
Munger, Salome, Sike
Munger, Silvanus, Sike
Munsell, widow Lucy, Nort
Munson, Caleb, Harm
Mygatt, Austin, Aust
Mygatt, Joseph, Aust
Mygatt, Rachel, Aust
Mygatt, Roger, Aust
Mygatt, Sarah, Aust
Mygatt, Thomas, Aust
Mygatt, Webster, Aust
Mygatt, Zebulon, Aust
Neal, Edward, OldR
Neal, Elizabeth, Gran, OldR
Nelson, David, Nort, Towe
Nelson, Eunice Graves, Harm
Nelson, Jeremiah, Kent
Nelson, John, Risi
Nelson, Polly, Warn
Nelson, Rachel, Warn
Newell, Elizabeth, Gran, RoeH, TayS
Noble, Abigail, Palm, Sike
Noble, Amos, Hanc
Noble, Anna, Kent, Palm
Noble Jr., Daniel, Nort, Towe
Noble, Ebenezer, Alle, Kent, Palm
Noble, Esther, Palm
Noble, Joel, Palm
Noble, John, Remi
Noble, Nathan, Aust, Palm, Palm, Remi
Noble, Thomas, Palm
Noble, Timothy, Palm
North, Rebecca, Harm, Kent
Norton, Abel, Nort
Norton, Abigail, Aust, Harm, Nort
Norton, Agnes, Aust, Nort
Norton, Alice, Nort, Remi
Norton, Anna, Nort, Towe
Norton, Apphia, Nort
Norton, Asa, Nort
Norton, Daniel, King, Nort
Norton, Eldad, Nort, Towe
Norton, Elijah, Nort
Norton, Elizabeth, Gran, Harm, Nort, Sike
Norton, Eunice, Nort
Norton, Freegrace, Hale, Harm, Nort, Towe
Norton, George, Aust, Huxl, King, Nort, Sike
Norton, Hannah, Nort, Sike
Norton, Huldah, Burb, Nort, RoeH
Norton, Isacher, Aust, Nort
Norton, Joanna, Kent, Nort
Norton, Johanna, Nort
Norton, John, Aust, Harm, Nort, RoeH
Norton, Jonathan, Nort
Norton, Margaret, Nort, Towe
Norton, Martin, Harm, Nort
Norton, Mary, Huxl, Nort
Norton, Mercy, Nort, Towe
Norton, Nathaniel, Nort
Norton, Rachel, Aust, Hale, Nort
Norton, Rebecca, Hanc, Nort
Norton, Robert, Nort, Towe
Norton, Ruth, Nort, Towe
Norton, Samuel, Nort
Norton, Sarah, Nort, Sike
Norton, Seth, Nort
Norton, Shadrack, Aust, Nort
Norton, Simeon, Nort, Sike
Norton, Thankful, Nort
Norton, Thomas, King, Nort, Sike, Towe
Norton, Zebulou, Aust, Nort
Old, Abel, OldR
Old, Abiah, King, OldR
Old, Apphia, Kent, OldR
Old, Azubah, OldR
Old, Benjamin, OldR
Old, Caleb, OldR
Old, Chloe, OldR
Old, Daniel, OldR
Old, David, OldR
Old, Dorinda, Kent, OldR
Old, Dorothy, OldR
Old, Ebenezar, Gran
Old, Ebenezar, OldR, OldR
Old, Elisha, OldR
Old, Elizabeth, Gran, OldR
Old, Eunice, OldR
Old, Experience, OldR
Old, Gilbert, OldR
Old, Hanford, Gran, Hanc, OldR
Old, Hannah, OldR
Old, Isaac, OldR
Old, Jacob, OldR
Old, John, Gran, Kent, OldR
Old, Jonathan, Gran, OldR
Old, Joseph, Gran, OldR
Old, Josiah, Gran, Kent, OldR
Old, Lucy, OldR, Towe
Old, Mary, Gran, OldR
Old, Mercy, OldR, Wool
Old, Mindwell, OldR
Old, Nathaniel, Gran, King, OldR, Towe, Wool
Old, Patience, OldR
Old, Prudence, Harm, OldR
Old, Rebecca, OldR
Old, Rhoda, OldR
Old, Robert, Gran, Hanc, OldR
Old, Rufus, OldR
Old, Sabra, OldR
Old, Samuel, OldR
Old, Samuel Rockwood, OldR
Old, Sarah, OldR
Old, Stephen, Hale, OldR
Old, Susannah, OldR
Old, Tryphena, Kent, OldR
Old, William, Alle, OldR
Orton, Sarah, Harm
Owen, Christian, Huxl
Owen, Isaac, Copl
Owen, Rachel, Risi, Copl
Owen, Rebecca, Huxl
Painter, Mercy, Alle
Painter, Sheubel, Alle
Palmer, Abigail, Alle, Kent, Palm
Palmer, Anne, Palm
Palmer, Elizabeth, Alle, Kent, Palm, Prit, Winc
Palmer, Esther, Palm
Palmer, Hannah, Palm
Palmer, Jared, Kent
Palmer, Lucy, Palm
Palmer, Mary, Alle, Palm
Palmer, Preserved, Kent
Palmer, Samuel, Palm
Palmer, Thomas, Alle, King, Palm, Sike
Palmer, Timothy, Alle, Aust, Palm, Prit, Sike
Palmeter, Joshua, OldR
Parks, Delight, King
Parsons, Abner, Warn
Parsons, Annis, Hale
Parsons, Eunice, Aust, Harm, Risi
Parsons, Hannah, Hale, Risi, Winc
Parsons, Jabish, Warn
Parsons, Jonathan, Harm
Parsons, Margrate, Warn
Parsons, Mary, Aust, Harm
Parsons, Mehitable, TayS
Parsons, Molly, Warn
Parsons, Moses, Warn
Parsons, Philip, Warn
Parsons, Phillip, Warn
Parsons, Rebecca, Kent
Parsons, Reuben, Gran
Parsons, Sarah, Warn
Parsons, Walter, Warn
Partridge, Mehitable, Burb, Kent
Pearce, Mary, King, Risi, Winc
Pease, Abigail, Harm
Pease, Abraham, Harm
Pease, Ann, Hall
Pease, Anna, Harm
Pease, Deborah, OldR
Pease, Ebenezer, OldR
Pease, Elizabeth, Harm
Pease, Gideon, OldR
Pease, Hannah, Harm, OldR
Pease, Hepzibah, King
Pease, Huldah, Hall
Pease, Israel, Harm
Pease, James, Harm, OldR
Pease, Jamimia, Harm
Pease, John, Harm, King
Pease, Joseph, Harm, OldR
Pease, Margaret, OldR
Pease, Mary, Harm
Pease, Mindwell, Kent
Pease, Pelatiah, Harm
Pease, Sarah, Harm, King
Pease, Seth, Kent
Pease, Wareham, Kent
Pease, Zeno, Kent
Peck, Anna, Sike, Towe
Peck, Jarvis, Nort
Pemberton, Marie, Huxl
Pengilly, Eunice, Gran
Pengilly, John, Alle, Gran, TayS
Pengilly, Mary, Alle, Gran, King
Pengilly, Sarah, Alle, Gran
Penton, widow Lydia, Mars
Perkins, Sarah, Gran, TayS
Petterbone, Noah, OldR
Pettibone, Anna, Gran, Kent
Phelan, Joseph, King
Phelps, Aaron, Kent
Phelps, Abigail, Aust, Risi, RoeH
Phelps, Adah, Warn
Phelps, Ann, Gran, Kent
Phelps, Anne, Kent
Phelps, Daniel, Aust, Kent
Phelps, Ebenezer, Aust, Burb
Phelps, Elijah, Kent
Phelps, Eunice, Aust
Phelps, Hannah, Harm
Phelps, Hester, Aust, Kent
Phelps, Isaac, Burb
Phelps Jr., Israel, Remi
Phelps, Joseph, Harm, Kent
Phelps, Keziah, Harm
Phelps, Rebecca, Aust, Harm
Phelps, Samuel, Kent
Phelps, Samuel Merrick, Kent
Phelps, Timothy, Aust, Kent
Phelps, William, Aust, Harm
Phillips, Simeon, Gran
Plumb, Polly, Sike
Plumb, Wait, Aust
Pomeroy, Abigail, Remi
Pomeroy, Anna, Burb
Pomeroy, Asa, King
Pomeroy, Chloe, OldR
Pomeroy, Daniel, Hale, Remi
Pomeroy, Ebenezer, Burb
Pomeroy, Eliakim, Kent, Remi
Pomeroy, Elijah, Remi
Pomeroy, Elizabeth, Nort, Remi
Pomeroy, Epaphras, Remi
Pomeroy, Eunice, Burb, Hanc
Pomeroy, Hannah, Aust, Gran, Kent, TayS
Pomeroy, Isaac, Burb, Sike
Pomeroy, John, King
Pomeroy, Jonathan, Aust, Remi
Pomeroy, Joseph, Burb, Gran, Remi, TayJ
Pomeroy, Josiah, Burb
Pomeroy, Manassah, OldR
Pomeroy, Medad, Aust, Gran, Kent, Nort, Winc
Pomeroy, Mercy, Burb
Pomeroy, Nathaniel, King, OldR
Pomeroy, Noah, Nort, Remi
Pomeroy, Phebe, OldR
Pomeroy, Ruth, Remi
Pomeroy, Sarah, Burb, Remi
Pomeroy, Simeon, Remi
Pomeroy, Thankful, Burb
Pond, Miriam, Sike
Pope, Mindwell, Huxl
Porter, Joanna, TayS
Porter, Sarah, Winc
Porter, Thomas, TayS
Powell, Anne, Alle
Pratt, Aaron, Risi, Sike
Pratt, Sarah, Remi, RoeH, TayS
Preston, Jonathan, Aust
Preston, Joshua, Copl, Huxl
Preston, Susanna, Huxl
Prichard, Elizabeth, Alle, Gran, Prit
Prichard, Hannah, Prit
Prichard, John, Prit
Prichard, Joseph, Prit
Prichard, Samuel, Prit
Prichard, Sarah, Prit
Prichard, William, Alle, Palm, Prit, TayJ
Prior, Ann, Hall
Prior, Nathaniel, Hall
Pritchard, Elizabeth, Palm, Prit
Pritchard, Mary, Mars, Prit, Sike
Pritchard, Mary, TayJ, Towe
Pritchard, Rebecca, Burb, Prit, TayJ
Pritchard, William, Alle, Hanc, Palm, Prit, Sike, TayJ
Pritchett, Esther, Gran, Hanc, Prit, Sike
Purchase, Chole, Hanc, Sike
Purchase, Elizabeth, Remi, RoeH
Purchase, Thomas, RoeH
Pynchon Jr., John, TayJ, Winc
Ransom, Sarah, Aust, Harm
Reed, Dinah, Wool
Reed, Frederick, Wool
Reed, Isaac, Wool
Reed, Jusiah, Wool
Reed, Vully, Wool
Remington, Abigail, Lane, Remi
Remington, Abijah, Remi, Risi
Remington, Amos, Remi
Remington, Anna, Kent
Remington, Asa, Harm, Remi
Remington, Benjamin, Hale, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Dan, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Daniel, Hale, Huxl, Remi, Winc
Remington, Dinah, Alle
Remington, Dudley, Harm, Remi
Remington, Ebenezer, Remi
Remington, Elihu, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Elijah, Lane, Remi
Remington, Elizabeth, Hall, Remi
Remington, Eunice, Harm
Remington, Hannah, Hale, Kent, Remi
Remington, Hosea, Lane, Remi
Remington, Isaac, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Ithemer, Lane, Remi
Remington, John, Hale, Harm, Lane, Remi
Remington, Jonathan, Hale, King, Remi
Remington, Joseph, Hall, Hanc, Harm, Remi, RoeH
Remington, Josiah, Remi
Remington, Lucy, Remi
Remington, Lydia, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Mary, Hanc, Huxl, King, Remi, Risi
Remington, Mesheck, Lane, Remi
Remington, Nathaniel, Palm, Remi
Remington, Rachel, Huxl, Remi
Remington, Rufus, Lane, Remi
Remington, Ruth, Remi, Risi
Remington, Samuel, Alle, Hale, Lane, Remi
Remington, Sarah, Alle, Burb, Hanc, Huxl, Kent, Lane, Remi, RoeH, TayS
Remington, Seth, Remi
Remington, Silence, Harm
Remington, Simeon, Hanc, Remi
Remington, Stephen, Hale, Harm, Kent, Remi
Remington, Tabetha, Lane, Remi
Remington, Thomas, Hale, Remi, RoeH
Remington, Zadock, Remi
Rice, Allice, Alle, Kent
Rice, Elinor, RoeH
Rice, Esther, Warn
Rice, Ezekiel, Kent
Rice, Patience, Kent
Rice, Sally, Kent
Rice, William, RoeH
Risdon, John, King
Rising, Aaron, Harm, Risi
Rising, Abel, King, Risi
Rising, Abigail, Copl, Mars, Risi
Rising, Abner, Risi
Rising, Abraham, Risi
Rising, Alexander, Risi
Rising, Amos, Risi
Rising, Ann, Risi
Rising, Anna, Harm, Risi
Rising, Apollos, Risi
Rising, Asa, Risi
Rising, Benjamin, Mars, Risi
Rising, Candis, Risi
Rising, Clarissa, Risi
Rising, David, Risi
Rising, Deliverance, Risi, Sike
Rising, Desire, Risi
Rising, Ebenezer, Mars, Risi
Rising, Elenor, Risi
Rising, Eli, Risi
Rising, Elijah, Kent, Risi
Rising, Elizabeth, Alle, Kent, Risi
Rising, Esther, Risi
Rising, Eunice, Hale, Risi
Rising, Eusebius Mather, Risi
Rising, Hannah, Hale, Risi
Rising, Heman, Risi
Rising, Horace, Risi
Rising, James, Hale, Mars, Risi
Rising Jr., James, Risi
Rising, Joel, Risi
Rising, John, Alle, Hale, Huxl, Kent, Mars, Risi, Sike, Winc
Rising Jr., John, Risi
Rising, John Kooker, Risi
Rising, Jonah, Risi
Rising, Jonathan, Copl, Hale, Remi, Risi
Rising, Joseph, Hale, Risi
Rising, Josiah, Hale, Harm, Risi
Rising, Julia, Risi
Rising, Justus, Risi
Rising, Lucina, Risi
Rising, Lucinda, Risi
Rising, Lucy, Aust, Hale, Risi, Sike
Rising, Lydia, Risi
Rising, Mabel, Risi
Rising, Mary, Harm, Risi, Sike
Rising, Mercy, Risi, Hanc
Rising, Moses, Risi, Sike
Rising, Nathaniel, Aust, Risi
Rising, Orestes, Risi
Rising, Parnell, Risi
Rising, Paul, Risi
Rising, Phebe, Risi
Rising, Phillis, Risi
Rising, Phoebe, Risi, Sike, Risi
Rising, Raynor, Risi
Rising, Rebecca, Remi, Risi
Rising, Russell, Risi, Sike
Rising, Ruth, Aust, Hale, Harm, Risi, Sike
Rising, Samuel, Risi
Rising, Sarah, Hale, Harm, Risi
Rising, Seth, Risi
Rising, Sibble, Risi
Rising, Silence, Remi, Risi
Rising, Simeon, Harm, Risi
Rising, Stoughton, Risi
Rising, Susanna, Risi
Rising, Tryphena, Risi
Robens, Sarah, Wool
Robinson, Abigail, Hanc
Rockwood, Elizabeth, OldR
Rowe, Abel, Burb, RoeH
Rowe, Abigail, Remi, RoeH, Sike
Roe, Abigail, RoeH, TayS
Rowe, Abijiah, RoeH
Rowe, Ann, RoeH
Rowe, Anne, RoeH
Rowe, Asa, RoeH
Rowe, Asahel, RoeH
Roe, Chloe, RoeH
Rowe, Chole, RoeH
Rowe, Clarissa, RoeH
Rowe, Dan, Burb, Gran, RoeH
Rowe, Daniel, Aust, Burb, RoeH
Roe, Daniel, RoeH
Rowe, Dorothy, RoeH
Rowe, Ebenezer, RoeH
Roe, Eleanor, RoeH
Rowe, Elijah, RoeH
Rowe, Elisha, RoeH
Rowe, Elizabeth, Kent, Remi, RoeH
Roe, Elizabeth, RoeH
Roe, Esther, RoeH
Rowe, Eunice, RoeH
Rowe, Frederick, RoeH
Rowe, Gaius, RoeH
Rowe, Gerriet, RoeH
Rowe, Hannah, Remi, RoeH
Rowe, Hippocrates, RoeH
Roe, Hugh, Remi, RoeH, TayS
Rowe, Huldah, RoeH
Rowe, Ithamer, RoeH
Rowe, James Barlow, RoeH
Rowe, Joanna, RoeH
Rowe, John, Burb, Gran, Hanc, Remi, RoeH
Rowe, Joseph, RoeH
Rowe, Julius, RoeH
Rowe, Lois, RoeH
Rowe, Lucetia, RoeH
Roe, Lucy, RoeH
Rowe, Lucy, RoeH
Roe, Lydia, Burb, Hanc
Rowe, Lydia, RoeH
Rowe, Marcy, RoeH
Roe, Mary, Kent, Remi, RoeH, Sike
Rowe, Mary, Remi, RoeH
Rowe, Mercy, Gran, Remi, RoeH, TayS
Rowe, Moses, Burb, Nort, RoeH
Rowe, Orinda, RoeH
Rowe, Peter, Burb, Hanc, Kent, Remi, RoeH, TayS
Rowe, Phinehas, RoeH
Rowe, Polly, RoeH
Rowe, Robert G., RoeH
Rowe, Rufus, RoeH
Rowe, Salena, RoeH
Rowe, Samuel, Harm, Remi, RoeH
Roe, Samuel, RoeH
Rowe, Sarah, King, Remi, RoeH
Roe, Sarah, RoeH, Warn
Rowe, Seth, RoeH
Roe, Seth, RoeH
Rowe, Silas, RoeH
Rowe, Thomas, Remi, RoeH
Rowe, Zebulon, RoeH
Rogers Jr., Henry, Remi
Root, Amos, RoeH
Root, Sarah, OldR
Ross, John, Aust
Rowley, Mary, Hall
Ruggles, Apphia, Kent, OldR
Ruggles, Benjamin, Kent
Ruggles, Ruth, Kent
Rumrill, Ebenezer, Hale
Rumrill, Silence, King
Russell, Eleazer, Sike
Sacket, Samuel, TayJ
Sally (Hurlbut) Stevens, Sike
Sanders, Mehitable, Burb
Scott, John, Remi
Scott, Margaret, Remi
Scott, Sarah, Aust
Seager, Abigail, TayS
Seager, Ebenezer, TayS
Seager, Elizabeth, TayS
Seager, John, TayS
Seager, Joseph, TayS
Seager, Mary, TayS
Seager, Richard, TayS
Selden, Samuel, RoeH
Sexton, Anna, OldR
Sexton, George, Burb
Sexton, Hannah, Harm
Sexton, James, Burb, Harm
Sexton, Mary, Aust, Hale
Seymour, Abigail, Huxl, Kent, King
Seymour, Anna, Gran, Hanc, RoeH
Seymour, Ebenezer, Gran, King
Seymour, Eunice, Huxl, King
Seymour, Hannah, Burb, Gran, Hale, Remi
Seymour, Jonathan, Huxl, King
Seymour, Lois, Huxl, Nort, Warn
Seymour, Mary, Aust
Seymour, Richard, Hale
Seymour, Thankful, Kent
Sheldon, Abigail, Harm, Kent
Sheldon, Achsa, Kent
Sheldon, Alexander, Harm
Sheldon, Anna, Harm, Kent, Sike
Sheldon, Anne, Harm, Risi
Sheldon, Arastus, Harm
Sheldon, Asa, Burb
Sheldon, Asaph, Harm
Sheldon, Beulah, Harm
Sheldon, Chloe, Harm
Sheldon, Dan, Risi
Sheldon, Daniel, Aust, Harm
Sheldon, David, Harm, Risi
Sheldon, Deborah, Hanc, Harm
Sheldon, Ebenezer, Hanc, Sike
Sheldon, Elijah, Hanc, Huxl, King, Risi
Sheldon, Elizabeth, Harm, King, Risi
Sheldon, Esther, Harm, Sike
Sheldon, Ezra, Harm
Sheldon, Gad, Kent
Sheldon, Gershom, Burb
Sheldon, Increase, Harm
Sheldon, Irene, King
Sheldon, Jacob, Harm
Sheldon, Joel, Hanc, Harm
Sheldon, John, Harm, Risi
Sheldon, Jonathan, Harm, Kent, King, Nort, Risi, Warn
Sheldon, Joseph, Harm, Risi
Sheldon, Lament, Kent
Sheldon, Lydia, Harm, Kent
Sheldon, Martin, King
Sheldon, Mary, Hanc, Harm, Risi
Sheldon, Mehitable, Warn
Sheldon, Miriam, King
Sheldon, Moses, King
Sheldon, Olive, Harm
Sheldon, Phineas, Harm, Kent
Sheldon, Rebecca, Harm, Kent, Nort, RoeH
Sheldon, Rufus, Harm, Kent
Sheldon, Ruth, Harm
Sheldon, Sarah, Kent, King, Remi, Risi
Sheldon, Sela, Kent
Sheldon, Seth, Hanc, Harm
Sheldon, Silence, Harm, King, Risi
Sheldon, Thankful, Risi
Sheldon, Thomas, Hanc, Remi, Risi
Sheldon, Tryphena, Aust, Harm
Shepard, Dr., Burb
Sikes, Abel, Sike
Sykes, Abigail, Kent, Sike
Sikes, Agnes, King, Sike, Towe
Sikes, Amos, Aust, Sike
Sykes, Ashbel, Harm, Sike
Sykes, Aurelia, Kent
Sikes, Benjamin, Sike
Sikes, David, Sike
Sikes, Deliverance, Hanc, Risi, Sike
Sikes, Ebeneser, Sike
Sikes, Eleanor, Sike
Sikes, Elizabeth, Alle, Hanc, King, Nort, Palm, Sike
Sikes, Elizur, Sike
Sykes, Eunice, Sike
Sykes, Ezra, Sike
Sikes, Gideon, Sike
Sikes, Hannah, King, Sike
Sykes, Huldah, Kent, Sike
Sykes, Israel, Harm, Sike
Sykes, Jacob, Aust, Kent, Sike
Sikes, Jemima, Sike
Sikes, John, Gran, Sike
Sykes, John, Sike
Sikes, Jonathan, Lane, Sike
Sikes Jr., Jonathan, Harm, Lane, Sike
Sikes, Lot, Sike
Sykes, Love, Sike
Sykes, Lucy, Kent, Sike
Sikes, Lucy, Sike
Sykes, Martha, Sike
Sikes, Mary, Gran, Hanc, Harm, Kent, King, Lane, Sike
Sykes, Mary, Sike
Sikes, Mehitable, Hanc, OldR, RoeH, Sike, Wool
Sikes, Mercy, Hanc, King, Sike
Sikes, Paul, Sike
Sikes, Posthumous, Lane, Sike
Sikes, Rebecca, Hale
Sikes, Rhoda, Burb, Sike
Sikes, Richard, Gran, Prit, Sike
Sikes, Samuel, Hanc, King, Prit, Risi, Sike
Sikes, Shadrack, Sike
Sikes, Stephen, Sike
Sikes, Sylvanus, King, Sike
Sykes, Sylvanus, RoeH, Sike
Sikes, Titus, King, Sike
Sikes Jr., Titus, Sike
Sikes, Victory, Gran, Hanc, King, Lane, Nort, Palm, Prit, Sike, Towe
Sykes, Victory, Sike
Sikes Jr., Victory, Burb, Hanc, Sike
Skinner, Joseph, Hanc, Harm
Skinner, Mary, Aust, Hanc, Harm
Smith, Abiah, Kent
Smith, Abigail, Harm
Smith, Anna, Kent
Smith, Caroline, Risi
Smith, Daniel, Kent
Smith, David, Alle
Smith, Dorcas, Harm, Huxl
Smith, Dorothy, Huxl
Smith, Ebenezer, Huxl
Smith, Edward, Alle
Smith, Eldad, Mars
Smith, Eleazer, Hale
Smith, Eleazor, Smit
Smith, Elizabeth, Gran, Palm, Remi, Smit
Smith, Eunice, Gran
Smith, Experiance, Smit
Smith, Experience, Smit
Smith, Hannah, Aust, Hale, Huxl, Kent, Smit, Winc
Smith, Hugh, Alle
Smith, Ichabod, Huxl, Remi, Risi
Smith, Israel, Kent
Smith, Jail, Kent
Smith, James, Aust, Gran, Huxl, Palm, Smit, TayJ, TayS, Winc
Smith, Joanna, Huxl, Smit, TayJ
Smith, John, Aust, Lane, RoeH, Smit
Smith, Jonathan, Huxl
Smith, Joseph, Alle, Huxl, Remi, Risi
Smith, Josiah, Kent
Smith, Luther, Remi
Smith, Martha, King
Smith, Mary, Alle, Hale, Hanc, Harm, Huxl, Kent, Mars, Nort, OldR, Remi, Risi, Smit, Towe
Smith, Mercy, Aust, Nort
Smith, Miriam, Smit
Smith, Mrs., King
Smith, Naomi, Hall
Smith, Nathaniel, Huxl
Smith, Noah, Kent, Smit
Smith, Obedience, Gran, Hanc, Smit
Smith, Ruth, Harm, Smit, TayJ
Smith, Samuel, Alle, Harm, Huxl, Kent, Winc
Smith, Sarah, Harm, Huxl, Kent, Smit
Smith, Seth, Kent
Smith, Simeon, Harm
Smith, Thankful, Winc
Smith, Thomas, Aust, Gran, Harm, Lane, Smit
Smith, Zodock, Remi
Southwell, Anna, Harm
Southwell, Ebenezer, Hale, Harm
Southwell, Mary, Harm, Kent, King, Nort, Warn
Southwell, Rachel, Aust
Southwell, Sarah, Gran, Hale, Harm
Spear, Elijah, Kent
Spear, Moses, Kent
Spear, Sybel, Risi
Spencer, Alpheus, Copl
Spencer, Ashbel, OldR
Spencer, Augustus, OldR
Spencer, Betsey, OldR
Spencer, Calvin, OldR
Spencer, Daniel, OldR
Spencer, Ebenezer, Hale
Spencer, Elephas, Copl
Spencer, Eliphalet, Aust, Gran
Spencer, Elizabeth, Aust, Hale, Kent, King, OldR, TayS
Spencer, Experience, OldR
Spencer, Hannah, Copl, Kent
Spencer, Irene, Copl
Spencer, Israel, Warn
Spencer, Jehiel, OldR
Spencer, Jerusha, OldR
Spencer, Luther, OldR
Spencer, Lydia, Risi
Spencer, Margaret, Aust
Spencer, Martha, OldR
Spencer, Mercy, Aust, Harm
Spencer, Patience, OldR
Spencer, Paulina, OldR
Spencer, Samuel, OldR
Spencer, Sarah, Copl, Huxl, King, Nort
Spencer, Sybil, Towe
Spencer, Thaddeus, OldR
Spencer, Thomas, Aust, Harm, Huxl, Kent, TayS, Towe, Winc
Spencer, Thyleta, Copl
Spencer, Tryphena, Copl
Spencer, William, Copl, Huxl
Sprague, Mary, Hanc, Sike
St. John, Matthew, Hale
Stanley, Ruth, Winc
Stannard, Chloe, Hanc
Stannard, Claudeus, Hanc
Stannard, Eunice, Hanc
Stannard, Hannah, Hanc
Stannard, Jehiel, Hanc
Stannard, John, Hanc
Stannard Jr., John, Hanc
Stannard, Joseph, Hall
Stannard, Libeus, Hanc
Stannard, Lydia, Hanc
Stannard, Pliney, Hanc
Stannard, Rebecca, Hanc
Stannard, Rosil, Hanc
Stebbins, Abigail, Aust
Stebbins, Ann, Hale
Stebbins, Hannah, Towe
Stebbins, John, Hanc
Stebbins, Joseph, Towe
Stebbins, Sarah, Hanc
Stedman, Elizabeth, Huxl
Steel, Barrett, Kent, OldR
Steel, Hannah, Kent
Steel, Mercy, Gran, King, OldR, Towe, Wool
Stephenson, Anna, Towe
Stephenson, Mary, Kent
Stiles, Abigail, Hanc
Stiles, Elizabeth, Nort, OldR
Stiles, Isaac, Gran, Hanc, TayJ, Winc
Stiles, John, TayS
Stiles, Mercy, OldR
Stiles, Ruth, TayS
Stockwell, Abigail, Aust, Smit
Stockwell, John, OldR, Prit, Smit
Stockwell, Quinto, OldR
Stoddard, Sarah, Hanc, Sike
Storrs, Rev. Andrew, Burb
Stoughton, Elizabeth, King
Stoughton, Oliver, Burb
Stratton, Abigail, Aust
Stratton, John, Alle, Aust
Stratton, Margaret, TayJ
Stratton, Mary, Nort
Strong, Jerusla, Burb
Strong, Ruth, Risi
Talcott, Deborah, OldR
Talmar, Mary, Huxl, King
Taylor, Abigail, RoeH, TayS
Taylor, Anna, TayJ
Taylor, Benoni, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, Deborah, Gran, TayS, Gran
Taylor, Dorothy, TayS
Taylor, Ebenezer, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, Elizabeth, RoeH, Smit, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, Hannah, Gran
Taylor, Hannah, TayS
Taylor, James, Smit, TayJ
Taylor, Jemima, Gran, TayS
Taylor, Jerush, OldR
Taylor, Jerusha, Gran, RoeH, TayS
Taylor, Johanna, TayS
Taylor, John, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, Jonathan, TayJ, Winc
Taylor, Joshua, Remi, RoeH
Taylor, Kezia, Alle, Gran, TayS
Taylor, Lydia, Sike
Taylor, Mabell, RoeH, TayS
Taylor, Martha, Huxl, Prit, TayJ
Taylor, Mary, Kent, Risi, Smit, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, Mehitable, Burb, RoeH
Taylor, Mercy, TayJ
Taylor, Mindwell, Alle, Gran, Harm, TayS
Taylor, Nathan, TayS
Taylor, Nathaniel, RoeH, TayS
Taylor, Obedience, Smit
Taylor, Rebecca, Burb, Prit, TayJ
Taylor, Ruth, TayJ
Taylor, Samuel, Burb, Prit, Smit, TayJ, TayS, Warn
Taylor, Sarah, Harm, TayJ, TayS, Winc
Taylor, Stephen, Gran, RoeH, TayS
Taylor, Thankful, Remi, Risi, RoeH, TayJ
Taylor, Thomas, Alle, Gran, RoeH, TayJ, TayS
Taylor, William, TayS
Temple, Isaac, OldR, Towe
Temple, Rebecca, Gran, OldR, Towe
Temple, Susanna, Gran, OldR
Terry, Benjamin, Harm
Terry, Hannah, Hale
Terry, Jacob, Harm
Terry, Jonathan, Harm
Terry, Shadrach, Sike
Thompson, widow Sarah, Hanc
Thrall, Lucy, RoeH
Thrall, Phillury, Kent
Tobin, William, King
Todd, David, Kent
Towsley, Abiah, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Amaziah, Towe
Towsley, Anne, King, Prit, Towe
Towsley, Annis, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Ariel, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Capt., Sike
Towsley, Charles, Sike, Towe
Towsley, David, Towe
Towsley, Dorcas, Towe
Towsley, Elizabeth, Towe
Towsley, Gideon, OldR, Towe
Towsley, Hezekiah, Towe
Towsley, Joanna, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Job, Sike, Towe
Towsley, John, OldR, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Joseph, Towe
Towsley, Lot, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Margaret, Nort, Towe
Towsley, Mary, Towe
Towsley, Matthew, Nort, Towe
Towsley, Mercy, Alle, Towe
Towsley, Micah, Towe
Towsley, Michael, Alle, Towe
Towsley, Moses, Towe
Towsley, Nathaniel, OldR, Towe
Towsley, Rachel, Harm, Mars, Towe
Towsley, Samuel, King, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Sarah, Towe
Towsley, Silvanus, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Submit, Nort, Sike, Towe
Towsley, Sybil, Towe
Towsley, Thankful, Towe
Towsley, Thomas, Towe
Towsley, Victory Sikes, Sike, Towe
Towsley, William, Towe
Treadway, Elizabeth, Alle, Hanc
Tree, Olive, Lane
Tremaine, Philip, Gran
Trumble, Abigail, Mars, Winc
Trumble, Anne, Harm, Huxl, King, Towe, Warn
Trumble, Benjamin, Mars
Trumble, Ebenezer, Prit, TayJ
Trumble, Eli, Towe
Trumble, Elizabeth, Hale, Risi, Warn, Winc
Trumble, Ephraim, Harm, Mars, Prit, Towe
Trumble, Hannah, Aust, Kent, Nort, Smit, Winc
Trumble, John, Huxl, Mars, Prit, Risi, TayJ, Winc
Trumble, Joseph, King, Mars, Prit, Towe, Winc
Trumble, Judah, Mars, Prit, TayJ, Towe
Trumble, Levi, Mars
Trumble, Luther, Huxl
Trumble, Margaret, TayJ
Trumble, Martha, Huxl, Nort, TayJ
Trumble, Mary, Aust, Harm, Kent, Mars, Prit, Towe, Winc
Trumble, Mercy, Winc
Trumble, Oliver, Towe
Trumble, Phebe, Towe
Trumble, Rachel, Towe
Trumble, Ruth, TayJ
Trumble, Samuel, Mars, Prit
Trumble, Shadrack, Towe
Trumble, Thankful, TayJ
Trumble, William, Prit
Trysdal, Sibble, King
Underhill, James, Sike
Underwood, Susanna, RoeH
Viets, Henry, Aust, King
Viets, James, Aust, Aust
Viets, Luke, Aust
Vining, Samuel, Wool
Wadsworth, Samuel, Alle, Gran
Wait, Eunice, Harm, Remi
Walker, Elizabeth, Kent, OldR
Walker, Mehitable, Hale, Remi, RoeH
Wallace, Elizabeth, Huxl
Wallace, Mary, Remi
Ward, Elizabeth, Aust
Ward, Mary, Gran, Mars
Warner, Aaron, Warn
Warner, Abigail, Hale, RoeH
Warner, Abner, Warn
Warner, Alexander, Warn
Warner, Anna, Warn
Warner, Asa, Warn
Warner, Daniel, RoeH, Warn, Winc
Warner, Eleanor, Warn
Warner, Eli, Huxl, Warn
Warner, Elizabeth, Warn
Warner, Eunice, Warn
Warner, Isaac, Warn
Warner, Joanna, Remi, Risi
Warner, John, RoeH, Warn
Warner, Lois, Warn
Warner, Mary, Risi
Warner, Mehitable, Warn
Warner, Moses, Gran, Warn
Warner, Nathaniel, Remi, Risi, RoeH, Warn
Warner, Richard, Warn
Warner, Samuel, King, RoeH, Warn
Warner, Sarah, Warn
Warner, Thaddeus, Warn
Warner, Thankful, King, Remi, Warn
Warner, Thomas, RoeH, Warn
Warriner, Doracs, Harm
Warriner, Ebenezer, Harm
Warriner, Elizabeth, Harm
Warriner, Hannah, Harm
Warriner, Joseph, Harm
Warriner, Mary, Harm
Warriner, Samuel, Harm
Warters, Oliver, OldR, Towe
Webster, Sarah, Aust
Weller, Eleazer, Prit
Weller, Elizabeth, Prit
Weller, Hannel, Prit
Weller, Nathaniel, Hanc
Weller, Sarah, Hanc, Sike
White, Elizabeth, Risi
Whitney, Isaac, Harm
Wilbore, Rebecca, Kent, RoeH
Wilder, Hannah, Aust
Wilder, Thomas, Aust
Willcocks, Polly, Alle
Williams, John, OldR
Williams, Thomas, OldR
Willis, Sarah, Huxl
Wilmot, Eleanor, Gran
Wilson, Mary, Aust
Winchell, Abigail, Gran, Kent, Winc, Wool
Winchell, Anna, Winc
Winchell, Azariah, Winc
Winchell, Benjamin, Winc
Winchell, Caroline, Warn
Winchell, Christain, Winc
Winchell, Daniel, Winc
Winchell, David, Harm, TayJ, Towe, Warn, Winc
Winchell, Deborah, Harm, Nort, Risi, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Eliakim, Winc
Winchell, Elizabeth, OldR, Risi, TayJ, Warn, Winc
Winchell, Hannah, Winc
Winchell, Hezekiah, Winc
Winchell, Isaac, Winc
Winchell, Jacob, King, Winc
Winchell, Jedediah, Winc
Winchell, John, King, Winc
Winchell, Jonah, Winc
Winchell, Jonathan, Kent, Remi, Winc
Winchell, Joseph, Harm, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Katurah, Winc
Winchell, Mabel, Aust, Mars, Risi, Winc
Winchell, Martha, King, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Mary, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Mercy, Huxl, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Nathaniel, Winc
Winchell, Phebe, Kent, Winc
Winchell, Rachel, Gran, Harm, Winc
Winchell, Robert, Winc
Winchell, Ruth, Winc
Winchell, Samuel, Winc
Winchell, Sarah, Hale, Remi, TayJ, Winc
Winchell, Stephen, Winc
Winchell, Thankful, Winc
Winchell, Thomas, Winc
Wolcott, Joanna, Hale
Wood, Ebenezer, Hale
Wood, Hannah (Bryan), Hanc, Sike
Wood, Mary, Hanc
Woodall, Edward, Kent
Woodall, Frances, Alle, Kent, Winc
Woodbridge, Mercy, Kent
Woodruff, Hannah, Hale
Woodward, Ann, Risi
Woolcot, Hannah, Gran
Woolcot, Joanna, Gran
Woolcot, John, Gran
Woolcot, Joseph, Gran
Woolworth, Abbie, Wool
Woolworth, Abigail, Wool
Woolworth, Alexander, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Azariah, Wool
Woolworth, Dinah, Wool
Woolworth, Ebenezer, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Eli, Wool
Woolworth, Elijah, OldR, Sike, Wool
Woolworth, Elizabeth, Hall, Wool
Woolworth, Flavia, Wool
Woolworth, Hannah, Wool
Woolworth, Josiah, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Justus, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Levi, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Lucy, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Mary, Wool
Woolworth, Mercy, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Phinehas, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Reuben, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Richard, Hall, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Ruth, Wool
Woolworth, Seth, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Silvanus, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Timothy, OldR, Wool
Woolworth, Zadock, OldR, Wool
Wooster, William, Lane
Worster, Nathan, Lane
Worthington, Daniel, Alle
Worthington, Mary, Alle
Worthington, Sarah, Alle
Wright, Martha, Towe
Wright, Mary, Copl, Kent, TayJ
Wright, Naomi, Wool
Wright, Samuel, TayJ
Wyborne, Abigail, Winc
Younglove, Hannah, Aust, Nort, Risi, Sike
Younglove, John, Gran, Nort, Smit, TayS
Younglove, Lydia, Gran, OldR
Younglove, Mary, Aust, Gran, Harm, Smit
Younglove, Sarah, TayS