The King House Museum

It was in beautiful, historic Suffield that Dr. Alexander King built his home in 1764 on what has become one of New England's most admired Main Streets. Dr. King was a prominent leader of the local community, as well as a farmer and physician. His fine Georgian Colonial house still stands as an excellent example of the standard center-chimney structure of its day.

King's home, since 1960 the museum of the Suffield Historical Society, is filled with a great collection of early Connecticut Valley furniture. In addition, the museum's galleries display many interesting exhibits of local history.

Especially signficant is the Suffield cigar tobacco exhibit, as the town was for many decades one of the major sources of Connecticut Valley tobacco, as well as the location of the first cigar factory in the United States. Other exhibits include a large gathering of early flasks and bottles, an unusual set of tenth wedding anniversary tinware, and a large collection of Bennington pottery, along with many other examples of local memorabilia.

Open May through September
Wednesday and Saturday, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and by appointment.
232 South Main Street
Suffield, CT 06078

King House Parlor

King House Dining Room


Carriages and Sleighs
Vehicles, including a tobacco peddler's wagon, used by local families.

Connecticut Bottle and Flask Display
Connecticut bottle and flask display collected and donated by Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kulle.

Tobacco Memorabilia
Tobacco memorabilia and cigar making equipment, emphasizing the importance of tobacco growing to Suffield and The Connecticut Valley. Suffield had the first cigar factory (1810) in the United States.

Tobacco Farming Equipment
A diverse collection of tobacco equipment housed in our barn.

Tinware given to Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Loomis in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary in 1869.

Suffield Postcards Currently in storage
Collection of Suffield postcards depicting local scenes.

Bennington Pottery Currently in storage
Large Bennington pottery collection.
Button Display Currently in storage
Button display on loan from local members of the Acorn Button Club.